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School’s Out With Thunderpussy

If their name isn’t a dead give away, Thunderpussy are a fearless band of females changing rock n’ roll for the better. Their invigorating music has quickly transformed them from a Seattle secret into an overnight sensation. Ahead of their self-titled, debut album we chatted with them about their origins, collaborating with fellow Seattle native Mike McCready, and their uncompromising take on rock.

Thunderpussy plays Zone One at Elsewhere on Friday May 18th!

Our first question is something we simply have to ask. How did you all come up with the name Thunderpussy?

Off the shores of the Banda Sea, it came to us in a message in a bottle -Molly

Your hometown of Seattle has played an important role in shaping alternative rock and grunge music. How do you balance taking inspiration from local greats (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) yet still pave your own path?

Inspiration is an invitation to dive into your own creative world and through that world, you find your voice. It’s important to have integrity in your craft, and when pulling from your influences, that you stay true to your personal expression. I think the beauty of our band is that we’re all quite unique and we each draw from a wide range of art. We have an eclectic creative palette that makes our sound what it is. We all play a part in paving the path, although echoes of others may linger along the way. -Molly

Earlier this year you released your EP Greatest Tits. Was there anything specific you were looking to achieve with this release, musically or otherwise? How do these songs set the tone for the future of Thunderpussy?

Greatest Tits is an extension of our album. We wanted to throw out those sonic limbs in hopes of pulling people towards the larger body of work. As for the future, most of the songs on the album were written 2-4 years ago. A lot has happened over the years and with that comes room to grow- spiritually, emotionally, and creatively as a group and as individuals. The EP is a taste tester for the album and the album is the first chapter of our Thunderpussy cyclopedia. There is much more in store. We’ve only just begun! -Molly

Your music has placed you in the hearts of many fans, one of which being Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready. What has the collaboration process with McCready been like?

Mike is the best ball of energy! He genuinely lives and breathes music and he’s more than willing to share his experiences and wealth of knowledge. When you’re in a room with him you can’t help but absorb his energy. The best part about working with Mike is that his interests lie in the emotion of the sound rather than the “part”. There is always room to experiment when you’re in the studio with him, which also makes it hard to leave. I never want to! But that would be awkward. -Molly

Thunderpussy, your self-titled debut album, is set to be released on May 25th. Ahead of its release you are playing a string of shows, one of which being Elsewhere [Zone One] on May 18th. What can fans expect from a Thunderpussy concert?

A PARTY! Hopefully, we generate a fun intoxicating atmosphere where people can lose themselves for a bit. -Molly

Interview by Adele Sakey

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