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Inspiration with Golden Dawn Arkestra

Avant-garde psychedelic rock and jazz collective Golden Dawn Arkestra are returning to Elsewhere for their NYC Record Release show on the Rooftop. Their new record Children of the Sun combines deep grooves and cinematic textures while paying homage to the interstellar hero Sun Ra, a musical figure that has acted as the band’s touchstone throughout their career.

Ahead of their show, we sat down with band for an interview. Come out to the Elsewhere Rooftop to dance to one of music’s most enigmatic bands on 8/24!

What’s the inspiration behind the bands unique, colorful wardrobe? Does each member style their own outfit for your performances?

Visually we were originally inspired by the Sun Ra Arkestra. And now we all choose different costumes to represent our own special superpowers.

With so many people in your group, is the songwriting process completely collaborative, or do individuals bring fully-formed ideas to the group?

It is a combination of both. Some are more collaborative and some are brought in fully formed.

You’ve said that part of the inspiration for the band was based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. What role does this group’s occult philosophies play in your songwriting and presentation?

We take inspiration from all previous occult groups seeking to attain a higher consciousness. We feel strongly that all our music and our general vibrations should be directed at bettering the Earthship in these dark and troubling times.

You often talk about being from a different planet, and Golden Dawn Arkestra’s music challenges audiences to think about our place in the universe and our musical connection to spirituality. What role does spirituality play within the band, and how do you incorporate it into your art?

We all have to come from somewhere and as large as this Universe is it seems impossible that it all originates right here in this dimension. We continually seek to transcend this reality as we find it to be a real drag at the moment.

What do you hope audiences get out of a Golden Dark Arkestra show?

We hope that even if it’s for a moment you can escape your fixation on the falsehoods you believe are real. We hope that if even only for a moment you can escape the illusion of this physical plane and realize you are actually free to be whatever it is you wish to be.

Interview by Nina Donoghue

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