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Fundamentals with Tempers

Synth-pop duo Tempers pours energy into every beat of their melodic, electronic, music. Based out of New York, the band mixes industrial with pop, channels sadness and joy, and navigates all of these paradoxes with effortless cool. Their newest EP, Fundamental Fantasy, “is about exploring the creative scenery of romantic illusions,” the band says. It was released on February 24th via The Vinyl Factory.

Check them out alongside Frankie Rose for her album release party with War Bubble all going down 8/12 at Baby’s All Right.

Y’all are based out of NYC. What is one song that always reminds you of home?

Jasmine: Even though New York has changed a lot since the days of CBGB’s, I feel like you can still tune in to it’s historical reservoir of raw poetic irreverent powers. Patti Smith epitomizes this for me because she is so fearless and convulsive with spirit. Here she is performing her classic song “Horses”.

What’s one song that inspired you while making your newest album, ‘Fundamental Fantasy’?

Jasmine: We were listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac, their melodies are so catchy and deeply haunting. I was also watching a lot of their live videos from the 70’s. I love it when Stevie Nicks becomes possessed and starts wailing over the music and taking everyone into an alternate dimension. Here she is doing that with Rhiannon, it’s mind blowing.

What’s your favorite classic summer jam?

Eddie: Our classic summer jam is Grauzone’s “Film 2”. It’s the perfect track for a lazy summer spent on a dance floor in a cellar.

What’s one music video you always find yourself coming back to?

Jasmine: “Like a prayer” by Madonna. Radical and beautiful. The image of her dancing in a field of burning crosses will inspire me forever.

Favorite song from Frankie Rose?

Eddie: We really like “Trouble”, the first single off her new album – the steady beat and spaced-out airy harmonies have kind of a Stereolab feeling. So psyched to be playing her album release!

Interview by Kathryn Fittinghoff

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