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Branko Presents: ‘Enchufada Na Zona’ Playlist

Portuguese producer and DJ, Branko, got his start as a key member of Buraka Som Sistema, which burst onto the world stage in 2008 with Black Diamond. The group played their last show together in 2016, but Branko continues to perform and release music as a solo artist, while also producing for other musicians, such as M.I.A. Through his label, Enchufada, Branko highlights talented artists from around the world, focussing on a fusion of global, uptempo dance music. Branko’s 2015 album, Atlas, contained contributions from over 20 artists and was recorded in five cities around the world, which numerically represents the global focus of the Branko and Enchufada sound.   

This Friday, we’re celebrating the release of ‘Enchufada Na Zona,’ a 14-track compilation serving as a natural extension of his NTS radio show of the same name. Roughly translated from Portuguese, Na Zona means something like being in a specific place, occupying a zone and owning it — a fitting metaphor for Branko’s career as a DJ and producer exploring the global side of club music. This week, Branko has graciously put together a playlist to get your body moving ahead of the game, check it out and join us Friday 7/07 @ Sunnyvale with Uproot Andy, Kashaka too!



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