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Working Women – Playlist + Interview

Since their formation in the summer of 2016, Working Women have established themselves as an institution within NYC’s burgeoning club scene with eclectic b2b sets that seamlessly blend each members far-ranging styles.

Ahead of their night at Elsewhere with Jacques Greene, Jessy Lanza, and Lapalux on 12/1, the collective took the time to put together a playlist for us, and the collective’s Kristin Malossi (aka DJ Voices) answered a few of our questions.

The friendship among you all is very apparent behind the booth. Do you hang out together pretty often outside of venues?

The foundation of our friendship was built outside of venues. Our friendship informs our dj sets more than our dj sets inform our friendships. We speak almost every day but we also meet up to mix and get some of each other’s company as much as possible. We love to talk about music and share a language about music that we think is offbeat and unique.

The collective saw growth over the past few years without a doubt. What are some near-future goals for Working Women?

We hope to expand and elevate our efforts to connect with community, especially through our residency at Nowadays. We’re fortunate to have that space and there’s a lot of opportunity to connect beyond the dance floor there. We also want to remember our original inspiration, which is music, and keep our focus dedicated to that first and foremost.

How much structure and planning go into your B2B sets? Are they more free-form or do the four of you talk about how it should flow?

We always talk about how we want to play and send each other the sounds we’ve been loving, but in the end we gotta embrace the totally improvised nature of our sets. No amount of talking can prepare for what a night may hold!

How big of a leap was it going from the first apartment session to New York’s club land?

One of our first gigs was at Starvue, which was such a divine and intimate space, like an extension of one’s living room. We try to keep that kind of experience in mind wherever we play. It’s very helpful to have played our first early, bigger gigs together. Standing in front of so many people is a lot less scary when you’re not alone. We’ve all realized, when we play gigs solo, how fortunate we are to have one another when playing together.

Do you have any messages you want to give out to women in today’s dance scene?

Chins up and stick together! Pool your gear and your connections. If you live in New York, come to our shows and say hi! 🙂

Interview by Sean Clements

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