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Talkin’ Tunes with Superorganism

Easily one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the modern musical landscape in 2017, Superorganism combine artful psych-rock with an undeniably fun pop sensibility. The band’s debut single “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” quickly catapulted the group to viral fame, despite the fact that next to nothing was known about the band or its members. Now, after a collection of adoring features from major publications, two more infectious singles, and the debut of their colorful live show, Superorganism have revealed themselves to the world. PopGun is honored to present the band’s first ever US appearance on December 12th at House of Yes.


You guys are in the process of creating your first full-length album. You also all live in the same house in east London. How does your living situation influence your creative process? Conversely, how does writing and recording an album together affect your experience as housemates?
It’s pretty much just easier to record stuff since we’re all in one place. We started by sharing ideas over emails and messages because we were in a few different countries, and we still largely work like that, but now we can record a vocal or other parts with the person present. We all get along really well so it doesn’t really affect our relationships as housemates, but we need to keep a strict cleaning roster.

After your viral rise to popularity, I’m sure the band was being courted by a wide array of labels. What made Domino the right choice for you guys?
The first time we met Laurence from Domino we just clicked and it felt like a natural fit. We’re obviously honored to be on such an esteemed label, but we have all the freedom we need to pursue our crazy ideas whilst being given the support to realize those ideas.

Superorganism has amassed a serious following on the back of three singles, how has the reaction been from your fanbase to the unreleased songs you’ve been playing live?
Extremely positive – we see people singing along to songs that are unreleased so that’s really crazy. Can’t wait for the response once the album comes out!

Nearly everyone who sees Superorganism live notes how distinct the visual aspect of your live show is. Whether it be your wardrobe’s, the lighting, or video projections, how important are the visuals of your live shows to the band?
The visual presentation is crucial to the live show – we’re trying to build an experience or like a whole world that isn’t solely about the music. Our show is a sensory overload.

I noticed that Death Grips was included in your playlist. If there is a polarizing band in the modern musical landscape, it’s that band. What do you like about them?
They sound rough but at their core, it’s catchy songwriting, I guess the polarizing element is what is appealing about them. It’s better to elicit a strong reaction, positive or negative, than no reaction.

You guys are a big band, 8 members in total. When you’re all hanging out, what’s one artist or band that you can all agree on listening to?
Pavement, Weezer, Kanye, or some banging pop music.

Interview by Shane Stroup

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