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Summer Solstice with Eau Claire + Playlist

Eau Claire is no stranger to the dance music community. With her Feed Me Disco crew, she stands out with a captivating stage presence and unique musical style combining her own blend of house, nu-disco, and indie dance. With several major label remixes to her name, she’s established herself as a standout producer and DJ, creating a special niche sound.

Join her tomorrow evening at Brooklyn Bazaar!

You mentioned in previous interviews that Goldroom is one of the artist’s who have inspired your work. How did it feel to remix his track ‘Breaks’?

Definitely, it was a full circle experience for me to have the opportunity to remix one of his tracks.  Because it was such a special remix to work on I really wanted to put all the techniques and skills I had developed over the last few years into the track.  In a way, remixing ‘Breaks’ has made me feel empowered to keep pushing forward creatively, especially when I encounter musical roadblocks.  After coming up with a few versions of the remix I settled on the one that’s out now and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

What artists have inspired you the most to start producing and DJing?

On the top of my list were Goldroom, Moon Boots, and RAC – and they still do inspire me to this day.

If you could work directly with any non-electronic artist who would it be?

I’d choose Phoenix!  I was recently listening to their newest album and thought that it would be awesome to collaborate.

What was the process like behind recording the ‘All the Wonder’ EP?

Being my first original productions I really didn’t know what to expect, or what the outcome would be.  The creative process is different from when I remix tracks because coming up with the theme and core meaning of the tracks and I was singing and songwriting for the first time.  I wrote the instrumentals of both tracks first and then started laying down ideas for lyrics.  The whole process took several months and for “All The Wonder” I remember after coming up with lyrics, thinking that the instrumental didn’t fit as well, so I’d go back and rewrite the instrumental parts. I would go back and forth making adjustments to the arrangement until I was happy with the track.  Similarly with “Room ft. Camille Michelle Gray” I gave her the instrumental and she recorded the vocals and I’d make adjustments to the instrumental until I found the best arrangement.  I’m often a perfectionist when it comes to  completing tracks, but I found that I would keep adding to the tracks and would have to consciously take a step back and be comfortable with the song.  I’ve mentioned before that singing isn’t something I’m totally comfortable with, which in part is why it took so long for me to be comfortable with finishing a track with my vocals, but it helped me grow as an individual and become more confident with myself which in turn allowed me to be more creative.

As an electronic artist, the environment you create during a show is crucial. What kind of vibe do you strive to create and why?

Absolutely. The music I play is often categorized into a “feel-good” sound and that how I want the energy on the dance floor to feel.  I specifically choose artists for my Feed Me Disco shows that can bring that energy and vibe.  Both music and the stage presence as an artist is key to making that happen – I know if I can feel that energy in me when I’m performing, It’ll reflect in the crowd and vice versa.

After a very busy year touring, what do you look forward to most about returning home?

Leaving the toughest question for last!  Behind sleeping in my own bed, it would be being able to cook a meal at home – I love to be creative in the kitchen!

Interview by Giovanni Roca

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