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One Carry Nation For All

photo by George Pagan

Nita Aviance and Will Automagic comprise the NYC based DJ Duo The Carry Nation. Between the two accomplished DJ’s, they’ve scored acclaimed residencies at some of NYC’s most esteemed parties and clubs, including the Vandam Party at Greenhouse and WESTGAY. As a duo, they’ve been making noise with their eponymous recurring party: The Carry Nation. Now, fresh off a glowing profile by The New York Times, The Carry Nation, along with Cyril Hahn, will be coming to the Elsewhere this Saturday 11/25.

You’ve said that your age difference informs your work in that you pull from different influences and points of reference. What are some songs or artists that you feel represents that for each of you?

Will: I was a Sound Factory and Sound Factory Bar dance floor baby when I decided to become a DJ, but at my actual early gigs I mostly played Rare Groove…

Also, all along the way, I was a child of (and worked for years at) David Mancuso’s “The Loft.”

As time went on, I went to deep disco & house and then eventually as a dancefloor DJ, I kept all of those references, with an emphasis on the way heavy DRUMS relate to it all…

Nita: If you want to talk serious influence on percussion and style from young age it’s Sheila E, hands down.

That said, I don’t think there was an early set that didn’t include both Lil Kim and Inner City, as my early gigs consisted mostly of hip-hop and early dance classics. This was in a post-Giuliani era when the Cabaret Law was in full effect, and even tho dancing was illegal were still trying to get em groovin’

What’s your current go-to song that you know will get a crowd dancing?

Skinner box – Gender always gets the crowd going. it’s driving beat and ability to draw together both techno and tribal influences really brings the kids to the floor.

You first met in the nightlife scene of the early 2000s. What song(s) bring you back to that era?

if we’re talking early 2000s we’d be remiss to not mention the divas of Avenue D

it’s DEF a strong tie with Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches tho

What were your biggest influences on your collaboration “This Bitch Is Alive”?

Our biggest influence for This Bitch Is Alive has to be our brilliant vocalist Viva Ruiz. Culled from outtakes from the recording session for Escandalo’s “Nocturning,” we knew these vocal parts were gonna have a serious life of their own the moment we got together, Viva is nothing short of a downtown legend and a constant source of love, light and inspiration.

What song or artist has excited or surprised you recently?

Been obsessing over DJ Overdose – Feeding The Fad on Dj Haus’s Unknown to the Unknown label. We first heard this from our buddy Cormac at Phonica in Berlin and fell in love. Overdose’s recent collab with Willie Burns, Sonny and Ricardo Give Good Advice, is also quite the bop.

Interview by Morgan Lawrence

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