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No Regular Play Won’t Say No

If it weren’t for one, smoky, Cuban nightclub, namely La Zorra y El Cuervo, No Regular Play might not have recorded their latest single, “Won’t Say No.” Recently released, this single follows a tradition as old as time itself in that it is exemplar of relating specific spaces to particular sounds. Just think of leather-clad, heel-tapping gauchos dancing the tango in Argentina, or New York Beats smoking cigarettes to free-form Jazz in the Village. “Won’t Say No” captures that particular hazy timbre of a smoky latin club without sacrificing an ounce of cluby presence in the low-end. Not to mention, this single marks the debut of No Regular Play’s new label, Traffic Control, and it’s more than enough to keep my eyes peeled.

Keeping with their obvious interest in space, we asked No Regular Play what songs they’d like to share that evoke particular spaces just like their own latest.

Listen below for what they suggested.

Catch them live at Baby’s All Right September 30th with Taylor Bense (DJ)!

David Sanchez – Canto O Loiza

Orlando Cachaito Lopez – Wahira

Joe Arroyo – La Rebellion

Caravana Cubana – Chucho Caraballi

Roy Hargrove – Nusia’s Poem

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

Maraca – Descarga Total

Tito Rodriguez – Oyeme Antonia

Charlie Haden – En La Orilla Del Mundo

Afro Cuban All Stars – Amor Verdadero

Interview by Tom Moore

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