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Mark Redito’s #Neutropical Playlist + Q&A

Producer/DJ Mark Redito (fka Spazzkid) has one of the most positively charged and energetic live sets of any electronic artist hailing from Los Angeles right now. Focusing in on hyper dance, J-pop inspired bangers, Redito grabs influence from a wide assortment of genres to create an ever evolving world of intimacy, intensity, and playfulness that’s rarely seen in dance music. This week Mark sat down with us to answer a few questions and send over some tunes. You can also win a pre show pizza party Mr. Redito and crew, enter below!

Your Likido (Filipino for “liquid”) event series is one that spotlights POC, WOMEN and LGBTQ artists and DJs with a strong message of self love, affirmation, positivity and celebration. It’s quite a noble task to present these social justice elements into dance music nights. You’ve just completed the third event earlier this year in LA. What were some highlights of those past parties and in what ways do you intend on expanding/enhancing future ones?

Some of the main highlights were packing out the first Likido in LA in July 2016 with minimal promotion. We prepared for everything in about a month. Our promotions were mostly through word of mouth and social media. During that time I wasn’t expecting many people to come but I was pleasantly surprised to see so many supporters at the show. It was definitely a fun night!

Seeing people go nuts for Princess Nokia in March 2017 was also a highlight. Her stage presence was electrifying. The energy level was high from start to finish. I was in awe. Another highlight was the post-show brunch with Likido Fam the day after the March show. We decided to spend some quality time with all the Likido performers and team members. It was such a chill hang. People were enjoying good food, others were spinning tunes, and some were just reflecting on the previous night. I personally loved it because I finally got to talk to everyone without the craziness of running a show.

There is always room for enhancement and expansion. I feel that every event brings us closer to our goal of representation, positivity, and affirmation. We are not in a rush, though. As much as we like to plan for things ahead and pursue opportunities that presents themselves, we are mindful of how much we take on. I trust that growth is gonna come when the timing is right. Beyond live events, and this is probably looking ahead into the future, I’d love for Likido to be a label that houses brilliant acts who identify as LGBTQ or female/femme, and people of color.

Lately, you’ve been posting four things you’re into periodically on facebook including tips, recommendations, books, food, and quotes, etc. Which ones got the most feedback and which were you most stoked to share?

That has been exciting for me! I love learning and have found so much value in discovering and exploring different things. I hope that my sharing does the same for others. Whether it’s trying new food, reading a new book, or listening to new music, I’d like to share things with my fans that can hopefully inspire them, or be an avenue to learning something new. I also think my fans get to know me a bit more each time I post, which I hope builds connection. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now. I’ve found that most people respond to posts about food which I totally understand. I have always been interested in looking at/reading about food too. 🙂

You left your former moniker, Spazzkid back in 2015 to now be known as Mark Redito. How has this influenced your latest sounds and productions and what do you have next in the release pipeline?

I think shedding the name Spazzkid gave me the permission to pursue sounds more freely. After a while people naturally associated Spazzkid with a certain feeling or genre, which is completely fine; but I found that it limited my growth as a musician. Using my own name gave me a sense that the music I make could grow with me as a person.

The theme of your June 3rd night with Moon Bounce and ehiorobo is #neutropical. How would you describe this movement? Is it more than a feeling?

Definitely a feeling and a state of mind. Growing up in a tropical island in the Philippines, a lot of the sounds and mindsets of the locals influenced my art and thinking. That definitely seeped into my new album of the same title. As a genre, I would define #neutropical as electronically produced music that references music coming from “tropical” areas (ie. Brazil, Jamaica, the Caribbean islands, etc) but with a modern pop or experimental twist.

What are some of your favorite things to do in NYC when visiting?

Visit Family in Queens

Grab a spice of pizza at a random joint. I never had a bad pizza in NY!

Post-show Chinese food (at any place that’s open)

Visit MOMA PS1, my favorite museum

Catch Mark Redito @ Sunnyvale Saturday, 6/03!

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