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Manatee Commune Mix – July 2016

Since the release of his debut full-length record in 2014, musician Grant Eadie has been growing and honing his Manatee Commune project. His music video for single “Brush” won numerous awards, he placed in the top 10 runners up in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Contest, and most recently, released the Thistle EP at the end of February. And it seems as though he’s already on to the next thing, having just released new single “What We’ve Got” with Flint Eastwood.

Hailing from the same Pacific Northwest scene that produced artists like ODESZA and Emancipator, Manatee Commune is known for using the tools at his disposal, synthpads and orchestral strings among them, to create sounds based on the natural world – birds, laughter, water. Take a listen to these 10 tracks he put together for us to hear the music behind the music before he hits Alphaville with Shallou August 19.



1. Flamingosis – Getting Close To You
2. AJMW – Canvas
3. Rhoda – For You
4. Aso – Kyoto (feat. Lamp)
5. Kllo – Under Lie
6. Pools – Coffee In The Morning
7. Pascäal – I Like The Way You Talk
8. Saje – Lost Tonight
9. CYN – Something
10. Nick Leng — Playing With Fire

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