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Invisible City in the Summer

Gary Abugan aka Invisible City is a record selector and label owner based in Toronto. He’s known for choosing a diverse selection of niche artists from all over the world and a refined yet broad-spanning taste to boot. His selective taste is evident in a carefully curated live set, of which fellow Canadian artist Dan Snaith (AKA Caribou/Manitoba/Daphni) says, “you won’t find a more fun, deeper night out anywhere.” This Friday will be the Invisible City’s Brooklyn debut, and it’s looking like he’ll fit right in. Come join us at Sunnyvale 7/14 for Invisible City Sound System with David Paglia, Andrew Devlin.

How does owning a record shop and label influence your choices as Djs?

I think a shop shows you what people are into. A label gives you confidence in your gut as a Dj to play newer and more different things.

What are you most looking forward to about performing in Brooklyn for the first time?

I’m not sure about Brooklyn specifically, I’ve been back and forth to NYC last 2 years but I also try not to have so many expectations. Every Dj has the same nightmare though, clearing a dancefloor or an empty dancefloor all night…hope you like it;)

Which came first: the DJ soundsystem or the record shop? How did the progression unfold?

The soundsystem was an initial idea to throw parties and try to break even by bringing some Djs who were friends and people that IC looked up to as Djs and Selectors. The parties were always a hangout and a sort of showcase of what was found while digging. The shop started mainly to try and sell records you couldn’t find in most shops and also to try and create a community/radio space for as many diffrent people to play records and exchange ideas. Also, a DJ/collector is always trying to sell a record to get another record..it’s a constant endless wheel…purge buy purge buy

Your taste as a label/store is pretty diverse. How do you usually go about finding new artists?

Endless digging and secret deep google skills and algorhtyms…

Any big plans for the rest of the year?

Sandy B, Tommy Mandel, Dekmental Selectors, More US and Europe touring, IC Parties Again In Toronto.

Interview by: Mandy Freebairn

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