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Infinity Shred take five + June ’17 Playlist

Post-Rock and Electronic New Yorkers, Infinity Shred take five from their late Spring US tour to answer some questions and a playlist. Check em out next Thursday for a sure to be heavy night at St. Vitus.

What inspired “Even Further,” the remix album of “Long Distance”?

We had wanted to do a collaboration with our friends at Zoom Lens for a while but just a simple remix or two felt insufficient so the project was revved up into a full album. Inspiration was heavily taken from remix albums like Linkin Park’s, “Reanimation,” with the goal of the end result being more of a re-imagining of the original songs versus recognizable remixes. The name, “Even Further,” came from a joke tweet from one of our fans about what we should name the next album after Long Distance.

It’s always interesting to see how electronic bands perform live, and you guys are known for putting on a great live show. What kind of atmosphere do you aim to create at your shows?

Whether it’s feeling immersed in the culmination of music, lights and video or delving deep into thought the goal is to always create an environment where people can feel focused and inspired.

You toured with Periphery earlier this year, and now are teaming up with the band’s guitarist Jake Bowen for this show. How did the relationship between these two projects start out?

We saw Jake tweeting about Long Distance when it came out and were all in shock thinking along the lines of “wow look at this djent icon tweeting about us – why does he know who we are?” Jake and I started messaging on Instagram shortly after where he told me he was letting a Spotify discover playlist run on tour one day and got out of the shower when he heard our song, “Mapper” come on. He sent me a link to his solo album, “Isometric” – I listened to the whole thing while I cooked dinner that night and was really happy to be talking with someone whose range of musical interest seemed as diverse as ours. We kept talking the next few weeks with me dropping not so subtle hints that Periphery should take us on tour. About a month later when we’re out on our own tour playing one of the worst shows we’ve ever played we get an email from Periphery’s agent with a tour offer and now Jake is one of our best buds 🙂

Speaking of touring, how does it feel to be back in the city after being on the road for a while?

After the first week home I was kinda ready to go back out again but it’s been really nice to cook again.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have our next album written and are getting to work on that. Hopefully a bit more touring as well!

Photo credit: Brian Vu

Interview by: Mandy Freebairn

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