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Glassio’s ‘Age of Experience’ Inspirations

Glassio, One of New York City’s most promising indie-pop projects, is gearing up for the release of his Age of Experience EP. Glassio has garnered serious attention ahead of the release with three infectious, glossy singles.

Glassio will celebrate his record release with a show in Zone One at Elsewhere on 10/13. Ahead of the show, Glassio took some time out to curate a playlist of 10 tracks that inspired the creation of the forthcoming EP. Listen and read up on the selections below!

Empire State of Mind (Alicia Keys) – chose this one to start off because the first track on the EP “New York, New York II” turned into what became a darker, sadder response to this song — which is always so heavily played out when thinking of the surface level beauty of the idea of New York. I also think the motion of this melody, and many other Alicia Keys tracks played a more subconscious role in a lot of the melody writing on the EP.

Ex T Nerla (Sense) – I’ve always been a huge fan of idm and drum and bass. I wanted the beat on “Back for More” to push itself slightly in that direction, and I ended up referencing a lot of the synth sounds on this song for keyboard parts throughout the EP.

What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye) – obsessed with the space in which the percussion and strings in this track (and entire album) exist. That water-y reverb was something I tried to emanate on the track “Age of Experience,” which in some ways was a nod to the production of records from this era.

Backstabbers (The O’Jays) – Huge fan of this group for years now. I think this is one of the most cleverly arranged records of all time. The strings on here were influencing a lot of the string ensemble sounds I used throughout the EP – particularly the high pedal tones.

Wonderful (The Beach Boys) – The colorful, lullaby-like nature of this track was something that directly influenced the ending of the track “Age of Experience.”

Contemplation (King Brutte Funke Mix) (Josh One) – A really important track to me. Obsessed with the tone of the drums on here, and the beautiful string pad that comes in halfway. The bass line is infectious, and I wanted to mirror that groove on various songs on the EP. These string stabs were what I referenced in my head while working on the stabs in “Young & Departed.”

Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks) – this song didn’t directly influence anything particular, but a part of the melody definitely accidentally rubbed off on me for the track “Weight of the World II.” I didn’t realize this ‘till after the EP was already mastered. So we’ll see what happens.

Song to the Siren (This Mortal Coil) – the reverb on this track is what I hope the ambience of the afterlife sounds like. I tried my best to re-create that space in “Weight of the World II,” particularly the outro.

You Only Live Once (Yanni) – new age choir pad sounds in general were used a lot on the EP. I have a 100 dollar Casio from the late 90s with really corny choir pads. I’m starting to like them for some reason. I loved the sound of the pads in this track and tried to touch upon that with the opening pad in “Dancing”

Find A Way (Joakim) – Been a big fan of Joakim for a few years now. He DJ’ed a party with me two years ago, and this song has been on many of my playlists. Referenced the drum sounds on here, the vocal reverb, and the Phillip Glass-like ending for the outro of “Dancing.”

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