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Elsewhere Mix 005: Le Youth

Le Youth 2018 Bio Wes James , better known as Le Youth , is the slightly enigmatic musician/DJ/producer from Los Angeles, California. From a young musician with numerous monikers under his belt, in the chaos of Hollywood, the Le Youth project was born bringing to life a seamless blend of breezy California vibes with a twist of European flair and an air of mystery. Bridging the gap between underground and mainstream, indie and pop, Le Youth has proven himself a dynamic force in the music and entertainment world.

In the few short years since Le Youth’s inception, he has racked up a list of worldwide crossover successes with his singles, including “COOL ,” and “Dance With Me ,” both topping Radio 1’s A-List, to Spotify chart successes “If You’re Leaving “, “Me Without You ” and “I Could Always Feat. MNDR “.

With each release, Le Youth has continued to light up dancefloors and radio stations across the globe. In 2016, Le Youth launched his own imprint record label, Homewerk Records, which brought about numerous brilliant releases and a sold out nationwide Homewerk Tour. After a successful year operating the new brand in 2017, summer ushered in the beginning of a new chapter in Le Youth’s already illustrious musical story: his first release on Parametric/Atlantic Records, “Clap Your Hands ” Feat. Ava Max. The single, co-produced by Grammy Award Winning producer Cirkut went on to top Spotify’s US Viral Chart. His track record speaks for itself, proving that Le Youth’s next wave of success is just around the corner.

Le Youth plays Elsewhere Sat, 12/8

You’ve collaborated with quite a few vocalists for originals and remixes. Are there any impressive singers out there that you hope to make music with?

There are so many talented singers and writers at the moment. It’s crazy. When I started making dance music only 5 years ago, it was different. That’s probably why so many people were sampling vocals back then. I wrote some stuff with Bonnie Mckee a couple years ago. She was so awesome to work with. Next level writer. I’m gonna try to get back in with her.

How do you approach your classic house sets as opposed to all other gigs? Do you have a stack of ‘90s house on wax?

My vinyl collection is seriously lacking in dance music. I find myself going for more atmospheric, experimental electronic music when I’m at the record store. I guess I only listen to vinyl when I want to chill. I approach my classic house sets the same way I approach all my sets; I dig deep, but I love playing the hits. The classic house sets are more fun for me, but I need to keep them special so I’m trying not to do them so much.

How was Southeast Asia? Any big takeaways specific to that region?

Southeast Asia was incredible. I’ve been there a few times, but never the same city twice though. Thailand was everything I hoped it would be… I could see myself getting into a lot of trouble in Phuket. The big takeaway: Don’t do drugs over there. Seriously.

You’ve said part of what Le Youth represents is youth. Do you have any messages for the youth of today that might be working hard to get their voices heard?

Go back to school and become a doctor. Do something that really makes you happy and fulfilled. If that’s music, then be persistent and keep writing. Be ready for the ups and downs. Get used to being broke. You will question yourself almost every day.

What else have you been up to?

A few months ago I moved away from the beach for the first time in years. I live more central LA. I miss it over there, but I’m getting so much done in my new space. I started making a ton of new music that doesn’t feel like Le Youth. I think early next year I’ll start a new project.



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