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Colleen Green Mix – August 2015

Still gleaning praise for her latest album I Want To Grow Up, Colleen Green is a patron saint of sorts for twenty-something women. Her insightful and sardonic music captures that desperate desire we all have to get our shit together, right as we order an Uber and remember that we have to pay our electricity bill, all within ten seconds. All in all, we love Colleen: she’s unapologetically individual, she’s cool enough to wear sunglasses inside, and she produces deliciously grungy indie pop with little save a guitar and a drum machine.

Enjoy these deep cuts she picked for you, & join us on August 23 at Palisades.



1. Speculator – Blue Rose
2. DāM-FЦПK – Authentic
3. Mannequin Pussy – Clue Juice
4. JEFF the Brotherhood – Staring At The Wall
5. The Stoners – Don’t Give A Fuck About You
6. Free Weed – I’m Free
7. Cornershop (feat. Bubbley Kaur) – Don’t Shake It (Let It Free)
8. Melted Toys – Like You (demo)
9. Totally You – So Excited
10. sluteverbff – Open Wide

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