Stabbing Eastward (Tunde Adebimpe & Ryan Sawyer)

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PopGun Presents

Stabbing Eastward (Tunde Adebimpe & Ryan Sawyer)

DOZ, People Get Ready, Evi Antonio, Big Al (DJ)

Nov 26

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

People Get Ready
People Get Ready
People Get Ready ramps up their fierce, joyful, heedless interplay, and devotion to PLEASURE with their new album Physiques. A post-punk ethos mingles with a tender sensibility towards movement and performance within this grip of new songs. Physiques, produced by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, was recorded at the Clocktower Gallery — one of the first entrants in New York’s “alternative art space” movement in the 1970s. PGR has performed everywhere from DIY clubs to opera halls, adding auxiliary performers and homemade instruments (e.g. a “circumstantial guitar,” which is strapped to its wearer’s back and dragged on the ground by its headstock) or simply attacking their songs as a four-piece. Nurtured by and connected to several generations of America’s hyper-creative bleeding edge of musicians/artists/makers, People Get Ready challenge what it means to be a band.
Evi Antonio
One could ghettoize Evi Antonio and cite him as just another supplier of lo-fi bedroom pop, but with the irreverent way he layers PG-13 nursery rhymes over a carousel of synth-assisted sounds while perpetually seeming to have just inhaled a bunch of helium, his version sounds a little more whacked-out than everyone else's. Spread over a mini orchestra of toy-sounding instruments, the playfulness of songs like "Pipsqueak" brings to mind The Unicorns or Of Montreal. His Facebook page coaches, " You MUST not give a fuck." And if he truly doesn't, it's working out really well.
Big Al (DJ)
Big Al (DJ)
"Obvious choices. This dude was clearly raised on Puff Daddy and not much else." - Pitchfork Media

"Did he just play Ginuwine?" - Altered Zones

"Worst Bar Mitzvah I've ever been to." - Chris Weingarten

"... his track choices were pilfered from Q-Tip and Internet Xplorer. Try having your own taste for once." - Bill Pearis

"His face is way too fat for that haircut/outfit." - TimeOut New York

"People have given me offers to not have him play." - Tom Windish

"This is the best Bar Mitzvah I've ever been to!" - Lester Bangs
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249