A Minor Forest

PopGun Presents

A Minor Forest

The Austerity Program, LUSHES

May 07

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

$12.00 - $14.00

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This event is 21 and over

A Minor Forest
A Minor Forest
The A Minor Forest story begins in the late 80's in San Diego, where Andee (the drummer) and Erik (the guitar player) grew up. Andee was studying art at U.C.S.D., working at the college radio station and playing in a metal band. The bass player in said band was still in high school with Erik, who was pretty much Goth at the time. The two met through this mutual friend and began to hang out.
In 1990 Andee moved away, eventually relocating in San Francisco. Erik followed in 1992, moving to the Bay Area to study music at U.C. Berkeley. The two began to play music together that spring. After months of searching for an acceptable bass player, John entered the picture in January of 1993. He had attended music school at Berkeley as well, playing clarinet in the symphony. One week after their first rehersal, the three played their first show.

In the spring of 1994, Dominique, another music student at Berkeley, began playing cello with the group, helping with recordings and occasional live performances. Through Dominique's band, Spitboy, AMF hooked up with Steve Albini in August of 1995. The band went on to record a number of sessions with both Steve and Bob Weston that would make up their debut record for Thrill Jockey Flemish Altruism. Dominique left the band shortly before the record came out, but appears on some of that material as well as on various vinyl on releases that came out prior to Flemish. After much touring the band recorded their second record for Thrill Jockey, Inindependence with Brian Paulson in Winter of 1998 in Chicago. The band continued to tour and release singles and make compilation appearances for most of 1998, before deciding to take a hiatus in Fall of 1998. A collection of much of this out of print material and a couple new tracks made it onto the Were They in Some Sort of Fight? cd on My Pal God Records in 1999.

Andee currently works at Aquarius Records one of the best records stores in the US, plays in Lumen and runs his own record label, Tumult. Erik has been pursuing school work as well as playing with his new band Therenody Ensemble, and most currently with Pinback. John is living in Oakland and plays in a touring band called Creepy Crawly Claw. John and Andee also collaborate as Tic War.
The Austerity Program
LUSHES are a two-piece rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Their first
album, WHAT AM I DOING, was mixed by Adam Cooke (Beach House, Double Dagger),
and produced by Bachelorette (Drag City) and LUSHES.
LUSHES’ music brings together the metal and early grunge influences of
guitarist/synth/lead singer James Ardery with the classical influences of
drummer/SPD-S sampler Joel Myers. They meet somewhere in the middle, adding
synth textures, pianos recorded backwards, opera samples, power saws, vocal mumbling
and whatever else they can come up with, all played over trance-inducing percussion
and emotive guitar lines. The result is an aesthetic that alternates between sparse and
immersively lush.
LUSHES started playing in a garage in south Williamsburg in 2010. They have
played with Guardian Alien (Greg Fox, ex Liturgy drummer), Dope Body, Dead Rider
(Todd Rittman of U.S. Maple), The Disappears (with Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth), and
Notekillers, among others.
LUSHES are goof-offs, spazzes, warm hearted boys who will bum a beer off you,
then save your life when you need it.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249