Lydia Ainsworth

PopGun Presents

Lydia Ainsworth

Jul 12

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

Elsewhere - Zone One

Brooklyn, NY

$12 / $14

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Lydia Ainsworth
Lydia Ainsworth
Lydia Ainsworth's third album, Phantom Forest, introduces a lush, complex dream world that the
singer, composer, and producer created and inhabited largely on her own. She produced all the
songs, and wrote and performed everything on the self-released collection outside of a reimagined cover of Pink Floyd's "Green is the Color" and two other tracks ("The Time," "Give It
Back To You"), which started as instrumentals written by Survive's Kyle Dixon (who composed
the Stranger Things soundtrack with his bandmate Michael Stein), to which Ainsworth wrote
melodies and added lyrics.
Ainsworth, who's relocated to Los Angeles from Toronto since 2017's Darling of the Afterglow,
explains that the collection revealed itself to her "as a play taking place in Mother Nature's
vanishing home," aka Phantom Forest, and that she's singing from three perspectives: herself,
Mother Nature, and Greek Chorus. For instance, of the album's opener, "Diamonds Cutting
Diamonds," she explains: "The Greek Chorus sets the scene, narrating and offering direction on
how to enter Phantom Forest. It's my hope that the listener will imagine the narration to be
directed to them as well, as they begin the journey of the album."
You'll get a sense of this from the collection's edenic cover art and the playful, pastoral video for
the album's first single, "Can You Find Her Place." Its inspiration came from Ainsworth's love for
Italian Renaissance painter Botticelli's 15-century masterpiece "Primavera," an allegorical
representation of the burgeoning fertility of the earth in spring. She notes: "The video features the
Greek gods of the painting in a choreographed Baroque style dance." Keeping with the personal
feel of the collection, her sister Abby Ainsworth directed the clip.
In line with the classical and historical depths of Phantom Forest, Ainsworth, who holds a Masters
Degree in film scoring composition from NYU and studied composition as an undergrad at McGill,
notes that although the album might be considered pop, she approached it as an orchestrator.
"Even if I'm dealing purely with synths," she says, "The songs are like a score, each one an evolving
journey. I love to use strings so I've included my string arrangements on 'Tell Me I Exist' and 'Can
You Find Her Place.' I recorded live musicians on drums, bass, and guitar on 'Edge of the Throne,'
'The Time,' and 'Floating Dream,' and wove those live elements into my programmed elements."
Phantom Forest is a beautiful, vast collection that mixes the historical and the hands on, with
hooks about the apocalypse and people obsessively using face-recognition software to see what
paintings their face match with, in search of some kind of connection. It's a journey that holds
up to close listening (and lyric reading) and to dance floors, but that can also exist on a purely
emotional plane. In all cases, it asks that you listen, and take some kind of action.
Venue Information:
Elsewhere - Zone One
599 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11237