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Lord Raja (DJ Set), DOV

Jan 09

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Elsewhere - Zone One

Brooklyn, NY

$12 / $15

This event is 16 and over

You don’t need tedious platitudes about the transportative nature of music, but every so often—a few times a year at most—an album lives up to the possibility of effortless flight. Geotic’s Traversa is just that, an eight-song atlas that spans from the lightly buried memories in the back of your brain to the distant corners of this languidly spinning sphere.

“The whole inspiration of this record is borne of that feeling when travel is good and you can let your brain go where it wants to,” says Will Wiesenfeld, the Los Angeles composer and singer also known as Baths. “From the very beginning, music was more transportive for me than anything else. In all forms of media, I’m constantly gravitating towards things that allow me to feel something different from my day-to-day life.”

Each song on Traversa contains propulsive suites of startling beauty, summoning a different geographic locale, memory and mood. Released on Ghostly, these are gorgeous and loose guides offering the listener a starting point but letting their own interpretation run its course. It conjures similar emotional planes as The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights,” Todd Terje, and Hot Chip’s “The Warning,” but the art could only come from Wiesenfeld, whose sophomore album under his Geotic alias might be his most brilliant and beautiful creation.

The album’s genesis traces back to a New York release for the first Geotic album in March of last year. Seeking additional material for the set list, the spines of these songs become to take shape and ultimately sparked the homebound sessions and soft motion of Traversa. Knowing that it would ultimately come out on Ghostly gave him a higher standard of how he wanted things to sound, offering a psychic safety net, and allowing it to come out effortlessly without the need for overthinking. You can hear this sense of liberation in the songs. Geotic has built something that approximates the way life is actually lived, cataloguing those moments in between, the memories that can at once seem vivid and slightly off-center. If we spend most of our days wanting to escape the onslaught of news and media, the taxing rigors of stifling heat and bitter cold, the numbness of mundane existence, this is a temporary nepenthe, a refined antidote, a northwest passage offering ephemeral freedom and momentum.
Lord Raja (DJ Set)
Venue Information:
Elsewhere - Zone One
599 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11237