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Apr 19

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Elsewhere - Hall

Brooklyn, NY

$29 / $35

This event is 16 and over

In 2018, audiovisual pioneer and subcultural phenomenon ionnalee delivered her first solo-album and feature film 'EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN', after enchanting an international audience with her award winning, modern folklore tales through the mixed media project and Youtube mystery iamamiwhoami for almost a decade. All through her own force and label. The Swedish singer, songwriter, producer, and director’s acclaimed ‘debut’ as ionnalee, was subsequently followed by a world-tour; funded alongside her fans through Kickstarter in just 5 days. The hugely successful tour sold-out dates across Europe, US, and Latin-America — Brazil being one of the places where ionnalee finally got to face her audience live for the first time in her career. "As the tour finally happened, the audience response knocked me off my feet. It became a real game-changer for me. After my last album was made, there was no plan to go back into the studio. I was exhausted and have struggled with health and motivation to even continue working as an artist. But in between touring I found myself alone in my studio at every given chance, so inspired from that whole synergy I experienced with the audience on stage, that this natural flow happened, and I wanted to give back to them.’The result is a new full-length album, ‘REMEMBER THE FUTURE’ — released May 31 on her label To whom it may concern. "It’s a hopeful visionary story of daring to dream, and shooting for the stars, despite the paradoxical underlying chafing dystopia that we are destroying our planet", says ionnalee. "To me, the album has a kinetic energy. I felt much more confident and free when producing it, both as an artist and a producer.” ‘REMEMBER THE FUTURE’ is produced by ionnalee and also features contributions from her long time collaborator Claes Björklund (iamamiwhoami) and is mixed by Johannes Berglund (Fever Ray). The first lush disco single ‘OPEN SEA’ (Feb 8) comes with a video directed by ionnalee and cinematographer John Strandh (iamamiwhoami) and is in her own words in the ‘low fi sci fi’ genre. ionnalee recently remixed Moby’s single ‘The ceremony of innocence’, which was released dec 31 2018 on Mute records, as well as being the masthead of Röyksopp’s live shows for the past three years. Her experimental project iamamiwhoami has since 2009 gathered an enormous international following to their ongoing cinematic music series. ionnalee has with her projects independently produced a total of 6 musical albums and 2 online live concert installations, earning 53 million views on YouTube to date. ionnalee visits North America in April and May, along with her debut Canadian appearance.
Allie X offers herself to you, body and blood but Allie X is not your savior. She's not a GIF-making saint for you to worship on Tumblr nor a glitchy technicolor idol for you to pray to through an iPhone screen.

She's not a celebrity either, in the traditional sense. Though Katy Perry endorsed her and hundreds of thousands are streaming her, she's not a poster for you to hang on your wall or an archetype to mold yourself into. Allie X is not a role model.

She's the shell you press to your ear to listen to the sound of your own blood coursing through your veins. She's the echo of your isolated soul trapped in a body attempting release through ecstatic dance.

Allie X makes pop music—electronic, detuned, glimmering confections woven from egoic dreams, doomed idealism, shadow selves, cruel doctors, but don't be fooled. Not everything made from the dredged up bits of her fragmented past are so easily reassembled. The girl behind the glasses under a curtain of hair is not someone you will ever know.

You can imitate her:
Adopt her alien diet.
Renounce sugar.
Implant yourself in a new city

You can be a trained classical pianist,
A failed thespian,
A self taught producer,
but the question remains:
Are you closer to finding yourself?

Consider the X:
The variable of possibility. The site of treasure. The doorway to freedom. Search the structure of your psyche. Wander dimensions of your mind where painful past meets glittering future. Spin around in a circle. Watch as the forms around you coalesce into light. Find truth in disorientation. Add X to your own equation. Become your own savior. Begin your own Xploration.
Venue Information:
Elsewhere - Hall
599 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11237