The Living Kills

PopGun Presents

The Living Kills

Zulu Pearls

Oct 13

8:30 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

The Living Kills
The Living Kills
"The Living Kills look, on the surface, like any other New York indie band waiting for its big break into the mainstream, but after one listen to 'Angels Without Faces,' it becomes evident that's not the case. Organs, synthesizers, ticking clocks and smoky male-and-female vocals make the group stand out from its peers...Faceless Angels (Past Futures) possesses new yet surprisingly nostalgic tracks." - Magnet Magazine

"These New York rocker's newest album features creeping organ, tons of noise and a great mix of '60s guitar nostalgia and modern shoe-gaze." -AOL Music/Spinner

"There's a splendor inside 'Angels Without Faces' that makes it distinguishable amongst the bands you just come to know. The intro is profound, determined and vigorous...It's as though The Living Kills, within the time of only a debut EP and this, have piled up a portfolio of confidence." - Ghost FM

"Listening to this Brooklyn band feels like an eerie dream, like there's a ghost lingering in their psychedelic rock. It's unlikely that any of the members of The Living Kills lived through the 60s, yet their music can be easily confused as something from that era. Many of today's up-and-coming bands, from Echo Park to Brooklyn, sound like the 60s, but not like this. The Living Kills sounds like The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Their music is spooky and poetic, like an early Tim Burton movie." -

"This psych rock outfit experiments with electric keyboard drones and and live effects, spinning cult classic projections and a passionate frontman. The cool, dark feel of the music - echo-y and chilled - can turn quite loud and plowing, an enveloping vibe to revel in." - The Deli New York
Zulu Pearls
Sometimes, you have to dig.

Beneath the surface of any throwaway pop culture landscape there are
bound to be some hidden gems. Zulu Pearls are a gem of a band.

DIY but not Lo-Fi, nostalgic but not retro, Zulu Pearls’ debut LP NO
HEROES NO HONEYMOONS captures the cynical romanticism of navigating
the dawn of the 21st Century. Propelled by melancholic pop melodies
and genre spanning arrangements, NHNH is the sound of a group humbly
cueing up in line behind the classics.

Most tracking of NHNH took place in the back hallway of D.C.’s
venerable Inner Ear Studios unbeknownst to anyone outside of primary
songwriter Zach Van Hoozer and producer Nick Anderson. With a mutual
appreciation for seventies records and a distaste for modern guitar
rock, the two pieced the record together between the tedium of bar
shifts and day jobs. The result is a refreshing mix of earnest
production and direct songwriting that wastes no time finding its’ way
into the heart of your record collection.

Opting to up the hedonism, Van Hoozer swapped capital cities for
Berlin in 2009, where Zulu Pearls have since carved out their own
niche in a city dominated by electronic/DJ culture. Live, the group
consists of a rotating clique of international vagabonds ranging from
Kiwis to Dutchmen who alongside Van Hoozer have seen Zulu Pearls share
stages from Copenhagen to Amsterdam with the likes of The Twilight
Singers, Destroyer, Cults, Tennis, The Big Pink and The Men.

Sometimes, you have to dig. So dig that.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249