Frida Sundemo

PopGun Presents

Frida Sundemo

Ackerman, Asha

May 17

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Elsewhere - Zone One

Brooklyn, NY

$10 / $12

This event is 16 and over

Frida Sundemo
Frida Sundemo
‘Flashbacks & Futures is a record inspired by space, traversing a vast universe from minimal synth-pop isolation to heavenly orchestral vistas, filled with colour and beauty. An array of songs as immediate as any entry-level asterism, yet as compelling as the most complex of constellations.   
Having emerged understated, but with a distinctly magical hue, from the stirring mists of such earth-bound icy soundscapes as ‘Snow’ and ‘Home’ (from her critically acclaimed 2013 EP, Indigo)Gothenburg’s Frida Sundemo now looks skyward, with all things celestial on her mind. Her attentions shifting from the glacial to the galactic.
Her international début album – Flashbacks & Futures (released late October via leading Scandinavian record label Cosmos Music) - while never losing sight of her distinctive electro-pop genesis, takes off with unswerving purpose and meteoric ambition.  
Building upon the skyscraping grandeur of launch singles ‘We Are Dreamers’ and ‘It’s OK’, Sundemo herself imagines the album being “a little like a soundtrack to a sci-fi movie,” gliding lissom between the spare, dewy production of coruscating forthcoming single ‘Gold’ and the pulsating undulations of smash hit-elect ‘Stay Young’, and beyond, with more sparse tracks – the likes of ‘Circles’ and ‘Keep An Eye On Me’ – being among the album’s more arresting cuts. 
Sundemo’s songs are often underpinned by quintessentially Scandinavian glistening synth sounds but also, repeatedly in evidence, is her ability to merge her knack for anthemic melodies with the orchestral passion of the multi-instrumentalist. This – along with dexterous production from Frida Sundm0 and Joel Humlén – makes for a seamlessly resplendent and wide-ranging record.  
From the opening Pet Shop Boyish title track right through to the teary, fearful ‘Astronaut’, Flashbacks & Futures is where Hans Zimmer meets Boys Noize. Flashbacks & Futures is a collection that is, perhaps improbably, inspired by Chopin and Para One in equal measure.
In imbuing these intensely electronic tracks with emotive and organic musical elements, Sundemo is able to breathe human beauty into her truly breathtaking compositions, the ice thawing – like a heart shape rubbed into moist condensation on, say, a Swedish window – to reveal a palpitating, red-blooded brilliance rushing all the way through her veins.
With her avowed desire to “stay young at heart”, there remains a starry-eyed innocence to these songs still, although the compositional maturity on display ensures this never overpowers nor underwhelms, with the weightless ‘Circles’ evidencing a self-awareness rarely sighted in pop’s atmosphere.
“I never wanted things to fall apart/ Now I find myself somewhere far/ Far away from where I started/ Circles, take me back/ To something I know” she’ll conclude, forever the ingénue, but it’s such abold leap into the proverbial unknown as this that will, soon enough, start to set Frida apart; to set her free, even.
And so, while it would be wise to keep an eye on Sundemo, more important is to keep both ears finely tuned in to these otherworldly frequencies.
Ackerman is an experimental pop group based in Brooklyn, NY. Starting as the bedroom project of Jordan McAfee-Hahn, Ackerman has become the yummy collaborative effort of Jordan, Matti Dunietz, and Bernardo Ochoa.
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Elsewhere - Zone One
599 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11237