New Swears

PopGun Presents

New Swears

Petite League, A Shadow of Jaguar

Apr 23

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Elsewhere - Zone One

Brooklyn, NY

$10 / $12

This event is 16 and over

New Swears
New Swears
New Swears formed in 2012 when all four members shared a room and a pair of bunk beds in the infamous DIY venue the Fun Boy Club House (RIP). This scuzzy punk paradise of Scru Bar, Sammy J Scorpion, Beej Eh, and Nick Nofun included two bars, a mini-ramp, rats scurrying through broken beer bottles, and some of the wildest live shows Canada’s capital has ever seen.

“It was such a brutal situation, living in squalor, but it was also super fun,” laughs Scru Bar. “I have days where I wish I could go back to it.”

While New Swears’ destructive self-released videos landed them on the radar of local law enforcement, the band also earned a rep for their riotous performances, releasing two DIY LPs, and raging across Canada, the US, and Europe.

These shows featuring explosions of silly string, confetti, and human pyramids saw them share a stage with likeminded rock ‘n’ rollers Diarrhea Planet, Black Lips, and PUP. 

Late 2016 saw New Swears sign to Toronto’s Dine Alone Records with the release of their “Brand New Spot”/“Sugar Heavy Metal” 7”. Now, they’re racing out of the gate with their latest LP, and the Magic of Horses. With a title inspired by the classic adventure stories of the Hardy Boys, these songs combine the swagger of Thin Lizzy, the refined, hook-heavy songwriting style of Nick Lowe, and hazy country-fried laments in the vein of Kurt Vile, all delivered with the manic energy of the punk bands with whom they often share the stage.

The and the Magic of Horses recording sessions were overseen by Ottawa punk scene luminary Paul “Yogi” Granger, owner of pinball/pierogi bar House of TARG and producer of beloved albums by The White Wires, Steve Adamyk Band, and First Base. His guidance helped New Swears hone in their sharpest songs to date, matching a set of lyrics moving past the 24/7 party into existential musings on friendship, death, the afterlife, and what they hope to leave behind. 

“Sustainability is the goal,” says Scru Bar. “We’ve been having so much fun doing what we’re doing over the past few years. Now that we’ve been given an opportunity to get a little more serious, it’s cool to see the impact of traveling to different cities and finding out that people were coming out to see us. We just want to keep going and going.”

“When we started this band, all we needed was a laugh,” concludes Sammy J Scorpion, quoting from the scripture of another motley crew. “Years gone by, I’d say we’ve kicked some ass.”
Petite League
Petite League
Upon arriving in Syracuse after growing up in Brussels, Belgium as an American expat, Lorenzo Gillis Cook was introduced to the fast paced, lo-fi sound of the American house show scene. Though he had been making music for years under the name Spark Alaska and a multitude of high school bands, the franticness and earnest expression being put on display in these upstate basements and attics was infectious.

In late 2014, Cook brought the first Petite League demo of friend and drummer Henry Schoonmaker, and the rest is history. Since then, the two have recorded two albums (Slugger and No Hitter), garnered press from Pitchfork, the Fader, Noisey, etc. , co-founded the notable Syracuse DIY venue Scarier Dome, and now reside in Ridgewood, Queens post-graduation.

This bring us to present day, and the band’s the third record, Rips One Into the Night. Blending the sweet, bubblegum qualities of bedroom pop and the snot nosed fuzz of garage rock, Rips One Into the Night is Petite League fully-formed. Coming in at 10 tracks, Rips One Into the Night will be released on September 1st by The Native Sound and the band’s own Scarier Dome label.
A Shadow of Jaguar
A Shadow of Jaguar
A Shadow of Jaguar is a gritty rock and roll band, and that’s really all you need to know. Listen to a song and then come back to read this. (Did you pick one? Which one? Say it out loud. Prove yourself!) Okay, now:

Brian Hubbert and Andrew Oakley got together in early 2015 in Boulder, CO to make the kind of music they weren’t hearing on the local scene. Within weeks, the pair had begun writing and recording original material while honing their sound playing shows throughout the country. A Shadow of Jaguar released their first single, “Mama Needs the Bottle”, in late 2015, and all the while they have been cultivating their newly released
debut album Raw.

The duo is fronted by Brian Hubbert who’s homemade slide guitar fills their sound with a monstrous tone that can only be described like that scene in Space Jam, where the Monstars get their powers and grow 40 feet. Drummer Andrew Oakley provides the backbone for the duo. His high energy, thunderous drumming gives the band a heavy rock edge and a deep groove. Also akin to Space Jam. Their sets are almost entirely original songs; but the natural dynamic of the two piece leads to improvisation that involves the crowd, making every show unique. A Shadow of Jaguar is gaining a reputation as an energetic live band, that no longer leaves tears out there; just blood and sweat. Together, the chemistry between Hubbert and Oakley is undeniably similar to the dynamic duo of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny in Space Jam.
Venue Information:
Elsewhere - Zone One
599 Johnson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, 11237