The Bunker 15 Year Anniversary

The Bunker 15 Year Anniversary

Ninos Du Brasil, Antenes, Patrick Russell, Bryan Kasenic, Jane Fitz, Eric Cloutier, Mike Servito, Gunnar Haslam, Justin Cudmore, Ron Like Hell, Ryan Smith

Jan 06 - Jan 07

10:00 pm


Brooklyn, NY

$10 - $30

This event is 21 and over

Born 1969.
Died 1909.
Ninos Du Brasil
Delivering the classic NDB Sound, a mixture of raw techno, batucada, samba and punk since 2012.
Techno/Electro/Ambient/Experimental DJ, producer and electronics artist. Builder of switchboard synths.
Patrick Russell
Patrick Russell
Patrick Russell is a true veteran of the US underground, perhaps one of the last unsung heroes of a now lost era in the Midwest. A genuine sonic storyteller, he magically transforms the diaspora of acid, pure jack energy, and hints of IDM into a deep, fluent sonic dialog that never fails to devastate both minds and dance floor.
Bryan Kasenic
Kasenic's roots in the world of music go deep. In 1993, at the age of 16, he began DJing on Carnegie Mellon’s WRCT in Pittsburgh. He went on to launch his own radio show on WNYU in 1997. The radio show, and his interest in the many weird corners of the NYC music scene, eventually morphed into the creation of a weekly email newsletter, which included noteworthy party and event listings at a time when nothing of the kind existed online. As Bryan became more established in New York City, he created Beyond Booking, the agency that would become a core part of The Bunker New York. During this time, Bryan was also a sought-after DJ, performing at parties and events on a weekly basis. Currently, Bryan also hosts a weekly show on Red Bull Music Academy Radio, featuring The Bunker's friends and family
Jane Fitz
A DJ for over 20 years, Jane Fitz is resident at legendary UK festival Freerotation and in London at Night Moves, the party she co-runs with Jade Seatle. Unique in creating her strong reputation from DJing alone, Jane plays a hard-to-categorise mix of music that can take in early UK acid tracks, deep, spacey house, modern psychedelic techno, or ambient textures. That’s why you’re just as likely to hear her playing in the mountains of Japan, the beaches of Montenegro, the warehouses of Birmingham or the basements of London as well as in the world’s most credible clubs, such as Concrete, Tresor, Closer or Panoramabar, often playing lengthy sets or even all night long. And she is now a resident at The Pickle Factory. Recent, unhurried productions have begun to surface under the Invisible Menders name (co-produced with Dom Ahtuam) on cult labels such as Porn Wax, Boe and Animals on Psychedelics. But playing records in obscure locations remains a focus. As always, there is plenty to discover, much to learn and more to come.
Eric Cloutier
Eric Cloutier’s standards are representative of the pre-social media craze and arguably the old adage of letting music speak for itself. Cloutier’s twenty-plus year commitment has been built upon his integrity as a DJ and authority as a selector. A self-described "record digging psychopath," one only has to refer to his mix of highly sought after cuts from Driftwood Records to see the lengths Cloutier will go to in order to procure the perfect selection. This is truly Cloutier’s nature - one of zeal and infatuation towards the warm, dubby, hypnotic house and techno that has come to characterize his sound as well as his masterful ability to bridge the gap between dance music’s past and its future.

An exception to the norm, Cloutier is not one to capitalize on his Detroit origins. Moving to New York in his 20’s, he became a regular face at The Bunker where he began to further define his innate style of body orientated music. Now situated in Berlin, where he often shows up behind the decks of niche alcoves as well as the world’s best clubs, Cloutier’s reputation as an unequivocal, dexterous force is increasingly becoming one of note. His talents as a producer have also been growing of late, with the establishment of his own imprint Palinoia, Greek for “the obsessive repetition of an act until it is perfected or mastered.” The label has become the new home and optimization for Cloutier’s evolving undertakings. Through Palinoia, Cloutier manages to further synthesize slick, dubby club music to slide into his DJ sets as well as feature lesser known talent he's discovered. He’s a DJ for whom quality - above all else - is the watchword.
Mike Servito
Mike Servito
Mike Servito is a DJ’s DJ — a lifelong music fanatic with a truly
unique ability to move a dance floor. Fearless in his seamless
transitions from one style to another, Servito has an unpredictability
and a deep trust in his music knowledge that has garnered him a cult
following over the years.

Although Servito is a New York transplant, his DJ style is
unmistakably Detroit. Inspired by Detroit radio of the ‘80s and the
city’s local DJs in the ‘90s, Servito came of age in a flourishing
electronic music scene, making his debut in 1995 and immediately
gaining attention and the respect of his peers and local

techno heroes. After a brief hiatus, Servito was lured back through
the vigorous encouragement of his close friend Magda. He returned to
the DJ realm in 2002, redefining himself and finding inspiration in
the new generation of electronic-music producers and DJs.
Gunnar Haslam
Gunnar Haslam
DJ and musician from New York. 1/2 of Romans (w/ Tin Man), 1/3 of Hot Mix (w/ Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore).

New Yorker Gunnar Haslam is a rare talent with a unique intellect. Trained in particle physics and signal processing , he first began DJing and producing music as an undergraduate at NYU. He met Ron Morelli, the founder of L.I.E.S. records, while shopping at A1 Records in the East Village and Ron released Gunnar’s first record in 2013, the highly-acclaimed Mimesiak LP. Since this first release, he’s been highly prolific, putting his career as a physicist on the back burner while going deeper into the world of synths and maintaining a steady outpouring of music spanning acid, techno, ambient and home listening. You have probably heard or danced along to one of his multiple EPs on Delsin, Argot, Mister Saturday Night and Efdemin's Naïf label, or are familiar with his collaborative work with Tin Man as Romans, who released an EP and recent LP on The Bunker New York.

Since he first began playing out locally while still in school, Haslam has quickly become a fixture in New York’s underground scene, frequently playing The Bunker and Bossa Nova Civic Club, while also maintaining a busy schedule of touring as a DJ and a live performer all over the world. Recently, he has been playing alongside Justin Cudmore and Mike Servito in a collaborative, long-form DJ crew known as Hot Mix. Spanning genres in his productions and growing through collaborations with other artists, it’s easy to see that Gunnar’s music is often about the journey, rather than the destination. In his own words: “Music is the one place where I can do whatever feels right, and just let it all happen.”
Justin Cudmore
Justin Cudmore
Techno producer Justin Cudmore’s coming-of-age as a fan and creator of dance music happened amidst the wide expanses of central Illinois. As a kid growing up in the state’s tucked-away capital of Springfield, he played the drums at home and in school as a jazz percussionist. But where most of his peers were tuned into pop music, Justin was wearing out self-made mixes and classic disco compilations. Then as a student in the college town of Champaign Justin dove further into electronic music, workshopping new-wave influenced beats in bands and DJing parties, primarily at the club night Physical Challenge, which he started in 2007.

But he fully came into his own in cities across the country and world. While studying in Norway, Justin was a regular at monthly parties thrown by Todd Terje and Prins Thomas. He moved to Chicago after college and began working for the influential dance music blog Little White Earbuds, which opened him up to the city’s thriving underground house and techno scene. Currently, Justin is a fixture across Brooklyn, popping up on dance floors and behind booths, where he has spun records at his Hotmix parties along with Mike Servito and Gunnar Haslam.

Through it all, Justin has remained a student of history who recognizes that house and techno still drip with the sweat of its pioneers. Much like the teenager who burrowed deep into his own mind, Justin prefers old sounds over new. He has spent years digging into crates both digital and physical, gathering inspiration for his own productions, which marry snaking acid lines and bouncy grooves to samples that have remained close to his heart. 2016 will see the release of his first 12" on Honey Soundsystem Records and a track on techno veteran Heartthrob's ISNISNT label this summer.
Ron Like Hell
Ron Like Hell
Ron Like Hell is a resident dj and co founder of WRECKED, a dance party for gentlemen and their friends who like the boom. Past gigs include The Lab (Berghain), Cocktail d’Amore (Berlin), The Bunker, Khidja (Romania), Output, Studio 54 VIP Lounge, Honcho (PGH), Honey Soundsystem (SF) to name a few and 9 successful tours in Norway. Of those past gigs, Ron has shared the decks with Prins Thomas, Rune Lindbaek, Lindstrom, Discodromo, Mike Servito, Bjorn Torske, Justin Vandervolgen, Dan Beaumont, Phil South, Eric Duncan, Prosumer, Tim Sweeney and his Wrecked comrade, Ryan Smith. Yet another expression in his love of sharing music are his years of record shop experience working for Academy Records Annex, A-1 Records, The Thing and as a sales and store manager for Satellite Records from 1998-2005. Ron owns quite a large collection of obscure and underground music of all sorts on vinyl and is loaded with many unreleased edits of his own and by others so prepare yourself for a night of freakish disco, exceptional underground house and beat heavy rock styles mixed together with love and an appreciation for the dance.
Ryan Smith
One half of Wrecked w/ Ron Like Hell
Venue Information:
599 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11237