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The Psyched, Wilsen

Sep 07

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Devin may be a fresh face on the New York music scene, but this Brooklyn native tends to a time-honored tradition of red-hot rock and roll. (Think Iggy Pop, Jack White and the New York Dolls.) His last job was stacking boxes in a shipping warehouse. He doesn't do that anymore.
Can you talk a little bit about what you were doing before this?

You know, I was working a terrible job and living with a roommate in a basement apartment in Park Slope—a little shithole with no windows. We were both single and pretty much depressed, not doing anything. Absolutely nothing was happening; I hated New York and everyone I knew. I was like, "Maybe I'll move to Germany."

Then you started writing songs.

I'd been writing before that, but they were pretty terrible. I mean, really bad. But then I started working with these classic forms that everyone understands: rock and roll, rhythm and blues. I never knew I could pull off rock, but I wrote some songs and I could tell I didn't suck anymore. They have references all over the place to the music that I like. I think that's part of what makes it good—it's got really specific references to good music.

People have already started mentioning David Johansen and Iggy Pop.

There's a million different guys and girls you could point out. But Iggy Pop is definitely one you can stand behind as a pillar.

What do you like about him?

I discovered him late; I think I was 24 or something. I saw this video on YouTube of him doing "The Passenger," which isn't even him in his prime. But it just took me in that moment; it hit me personally. I never saw anyone do that. He's obviously a man, but he's acting like a child. It's so cool. Everybody wants to do that: get up onstage and flip out—but without looking like a fool. Anyone can go up there and look like a fool. But to pull it off for real, I was just like, Wow. Rock and roll is supposed to be fun, you know? And so many times it's not. Rock and roll on the radio—well, now there's no rock on the radio, at least in New York. But when I was young, in high school, rock was definitely not fun. It was terrible.

So you began utilizing these classic forms. Did you know what you wanted to sing about?

The forms suggest what the songs are about—they put you in a world. Take the first line from "New Horrors": "Junkie's shaking in the subway car / My baby's shaking on the dance floor." Everyone's seen that. And "White Leather," that's a song about getting ready to go out. The album takes place at night, I think—it's about running around with the one you love, doing whatever you want.
The Psyched
Brooklyn NY skull cracking rock n roll // thick fuzzed bashings featuring mem. from The Apes and Tunnel of Love. LP out on Gladiator.
Influenced by the likes of Austra, Nick Drake and Cat Power, New York-based Wilsen blend contemporary folk songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full intricate sound tagged “dream folk”.

Wilsen self-released their debut mini-album ‘Sirens’ in the summer of 2012. Their debut single ‘Anahita’ was released in February 2013.

New single ‘Dusk’ is released on the 10th June 2013. It comes backed by a cover of Grimes’ ‘Oblivion’ as the b-side.

‘Sirens’ is available to download from iTunes here:

”’Anahita’ is an elaborate and intricate track that grows from a fragile four-minutes of plaintive vocals and sparse instrumentation, into the kind of heart-racing build that would send Explosions In The Sky back to the drawing board.” (This Is Fake DIY)

”...(‘Sirens’) manages to be so patient, every musical move so careful that it almost feels like you aught to not move while listening. There’s a darkness equally with that fragility and the instrumentation is at the beck and call of the negative spaces in all the songs. It is space that need not be filled, but indeed is intoxicating for repeated listens.” (Listen Before You Buy)

“This is a journey and a rather wondrous one at that.” (Breaking More Waves)

“Heavy on atmosphere and loaded with an understanding of dynamics and fine details that most bands can only hope to develop.” (Wears The Trousers)

“… “Without a doubt it’s Tamsin Wilson’s voice that’s the captain of this ship, but the arrangement behind her is just as exquisite in it’s well-scripted restraint. A light repeating guitar line sets the gauzy lovelorn mood, soft drums heighten the ominous feel, all blending with her voice into a beauty both elegant and moonlit.” (Their Bated Breath)
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249