The Dunnie Bobos

PopGun Presents

The Dunnie Bobos

I'm Turning Into, Incorporated Village of Ghost, The Due Diligence

Aug 15

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

The Dunnie Bobos
The Dunnie Bobos
Unlike most of the 3.2 Million Bands on the Brooklyn knob-rock tip, the Dunnie Bobos play guitars, and drums, and sing songs. When not being indie, or stalking Ice-T on SVU shoots, they make cerebral, melodic garage rock music. They listen to Bob Dylan, Thin Lizzy, Television, Tom Petty, Nirvana, the Ramones, the Walkmen, the Vaccines and the Soft Pack.
They stand around a lot in Greenpoint, enjoy almonds and domestic light beer.
This summer, they head upstate to Marcata Studios (formerly of the Walkmen) to record their debut LP with producer Kevin S. McMahon (Real Estate, Titus Andronicus).

They are also currently organizing the “Drink Busch in a Parking Lot” Music Festival.
I'm Turning Into
I'm turning into is a Brooklyn based experimental pop band. The band seeks to combine a great range of sound and technique with universal melodies to create appealing and innovative songs. Their can-do attitude translates into a fun and unique live performance.
"Catching the newcomers I'm Turning Into jangle and sputter through a half-hour set harks back to the glory days of early indie rock.
Sublimely ragged guitar riffs carry pleading, up-tempo reflections on loss, but the trio always manages to avoid the topical posturing that would weaken a lesser band. They have yet to make a full-length record, which is all the more reason to see them on a weeknight at this charming, scuzzy venue and watch them work to realize their full potential." -The New Yorker
Incorporated Village of Ghost
Incorporated Village of Ghost is a "Post" Rock n' Roll band from Long Island who liken their music to what would be played in a haunted house filled with balloons and serial killers. Think the textures of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the rawness of Sonic Youth mixed with crooning harmonies ala Grizzly Bear all rolled into a They Might Be Giants off kilter style of songwriting and arrangement.

Earlier this year, they released their latest album, Fuck It, I'm a Flamethrower, which is available as a free download at and for streaming on Spotify.

Aside from their new album, IVOG loves to give out cheap/free merchandise at their shows, including original artwork done on old vinyl records, ghost toys and t-shirts (not to mention their self titled debut EP from 2010).

Check out their website at, complete with links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
The Due Diligence
The Due Diligence
The Due Diligence is the brainchild of antifolk songwriter Isaac Gillespie. The name comes from a jam session he once had with Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart while on a boat in the Hudson River. As the jam progressed, Hart suddenly challenged Gillespie to play every Grateful Dead song to a Bo Diddley beat. Gillespie complied and Hart was so impressed that he called Dead-bandmate Bob Weir to leave a voicemail recording of the session. "Hey, that's Diligence!" Hart remarked off-handedly and Gillespie was re-christened Isaac Diligence, destined to spread the gospel of rootsy songs set over funky rhythms. Soon after

The first incarnation of the Due Diligence appeared in summer of 2009, drawing members from established New York groups such as the Shivers, Big Tree and Relatives. Over the next two years, the group slowly worked on their full-length debut LP. The result is "I Will Wreck Your Life"; ten rollicking country/soul hits about breaking up and getting yourself together. Inspired by the Band, Neil Young and Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, the Due Diligence captures a powerful charging sound that somehow pushes forward while also settling back into a relaxed groove.

By the beginning of 2011, the band had settled into the regular trio of Isaac Diligence playing guitar and singing, Charles Wiley on the drums and Alex P on the bass. They have played all over New York and the East Coast, sharing bills with acts such as the David Wax Museum, Shilpa Ray and Franz Nicolay.

The Due Diligence will release their debut LP "I Will Wreck Your Life" on May 29th at the Mercury Lounge with the Shivers and Relatives.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249