Hot Flash Heat Wave

PopGun Presents

Hot Flash Heat Wave

Bueno, Furnsss

May 05

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


Brooklyn, NY

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Hot Flash Heat Wave
Hot Flash Heat Wave
Hot Flash Heat Wave is San Francisco's new sound. They create melodically upbeat, hook-filled garage rock, referencing a range of influences from Girls and the Beach Boys, to Santo & Johnny and Weezer. Their style is partially a tongue and cheek nod to the dreamy, lo-fi vibes of the "chill-wave" movement, as contrasted by the more sunny, sweltering sound of their own jams ("heat-wave").

Here comes the sunrise of a new musical era in San Francisco. Comprised of 4 high school best friends living, writing, and recording under the same roof, Hot Flash is set to release their debut record "Neapolitan" later this year.
Staten Island Band
Furnsss is a 4-piece fuzz pop band from Connecticut. With 3 East Coast tours, 2 EPs, and 1 full-length album under their belt, the young band has still been able to find all new structures and lyrical content for each and every new track. And though they may chaotic or ramshackle on the surface, there's definitely something to be said for their slight of hand. Look closer and you'll find a sense of restraint, an truly impressive ability to nod to their musical heroes rather than mimic them (not easy for teens), and a quiet, mature confidence.
Re: their latest EP: "Instead of a wall of feedback, hundred miles an hour drums and shouty raspy vocals, Furnsss have cocooned themselves in displaced guitar lines (some of the most warped, distorted and psychotic guitars I've ever come across), confused organs and abject vocals to create an atmosphere of coherent mayhem. It's brilliant."
Venue Information:
140 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11237