Sacred Bones Northside Party!, Crystal Stilts

Sacred Bones Northside Party!

Crystal Stilts

Amen Dunes, Vår (mem. Iceage), Wymond Miles (mem. Fresh & Onlys), Warthog

Jun 17

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Crystal Stilts
Crystal Stilts
It's no big secret that Brooklyn has been the home for some mighty happening music lately, but there are few bands with as unique a vibe and presence as Crystal Stilts. Their self-released single and 12" EP won them rave reviews everywhere from Pitchfork to Stereogum, and the blogoshpere has been humming about them for months. And now we are very proud to bring you Alight of Night, an album that more than delivers on the promise of those early singles. A remarkably graceful collision of such disparate references as The Velvet Underground, Red Crayola, Joy Division, The Pin Group and early Jesus & Mary Chain, Crystal Stilts' spectral avant-garage is both classic and totally new. It's dark and melodic, deep and yet somehow still "pop" at the same time. There is some serious sonic alchemy going on here, resulting in Alight of Night being one of the most interesting records we've heard in ages.

"Crystal Stilts have created one of the most perfectly formed reconciliations of classic rock swagger and zoned dreampop." - The Wire

"If Crystal Stilts weren't one of Brooklyn's most hotly tipped exports before, there's no doubt they will be now." - Exclaim

"...easily the most exhilarating rock 'n' roll record to emerge in 2008..." - Prefix

"These are weird pop songs you clap your hands along to. They pile a rockabilly riff and nursery school melodies onto a revved-up bass line and sweet surfy 60s organ riff on top of minimalist percussion." - Pitchfork

" of the year's best albums..." - Brooklyn Vegan

"Quite simply, Alight Of Night is one of the most breathtaking records these ears have been partial to in a long while, and even if Crystal Stilts never make another record, their legacy is assured." - Drowned In Sound

"it has that classic first ten Creation releases era sound mixed with a drummer raised on a diet of only Moe Tucker and laura from the shop assistants." - Rough Trade
Amen Dunes
Amen Dunes
Amen Dunes, the solo project of Damon McMahon, began with recordings made in the fall of 2006 in upstate New York. Those tapes were initially put on the shelf as personal recordings he never intended for release, and the following summer, McMahon moved to China and all but stopped making music. He would live in Beijing for the next few years, writing and recording only occasionally. With the release of DIA on Locust Music in 2009, however, he decided to move back to the States and form a band around Amen Dunes.

After playing in New York and touring the US and Europe from 2009–2010, in the summer of 2010 McMahon released the Murder Dull Mind EP, a collection of the apartment recordings made while in Beijing, on Sacred Bones. This past January, he began recording for his second full length, Through Donkey Jaw, his first proper recordings in almost five years. Where Murder Dull Mind was sparse, mostly acoustic and almost all first-take improvisation, this new work contains many more fully-realized sounds and songs; it is very much the winter to Murder Dull Mind’s summer.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249