DIIV (formerly DIVE) - Album Release Party! (SOLD OUT!)

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DIIV (formerly DIVE) - Album Release Party! (SOLD OUT!)

Forma, PC Worship, Vincent Cacchione DJ Set (Caged Animals/Soft Black)

Jun 23

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

$10.00 - $12.00

Sold Out

This event is 21 and over

DIIV (formerly DIVE) - Album Release Party! (SOLD OUT!)
DIIV (formerly DIVE) - Album Release Party! (SOLD OUT!)
DIIV is the nom-de-plume of Z. Cole Smith, musical provocateur and front-man of an atmospheric and autumnally-charged new Brooklyn four-piece.

Recently inked to the uber-reliable Captured Tracks imprint, DIIV created instant vibrations in the blog-world with their impressionistic debut Sometime; finding it’s way onto the esteemed pages of Pitchfork and Altered Zones a mere matter of weeks after the group’s formation.

Enlisting the aid of NYC indie-scene-luminary, Devin Ruben Perez, former Smith Westerns drummer Colby Hewitt, and Mr. Smith’s childhood friend Andrew Bailey, DIVE craft a sound that is at once familial and frost-bitten. Indebted to classic kraut, dreamy Creation-records psychedelia, and the primitive-crunch of late-80’s Seattle, the band walk a divisive yet perfectly fused patch of classic-underground influence.

One part THC and two parts MDMA; the first offering from DIIV chemically fuses the reminiscent with the half-remembered building a musical world out of old-air and new breeze. These are songs that remind us of love in all it’s earthly perfections and perversions.

A lot of DIIV's magnetism was birthed in the process Mr. Smith went through to discover these initial compositions. After returning from a US tour with Beach Fossils, Cole made a bold creative choice, settling into the window-facing corner of a painter’s studio in Bushwick, sans running water, holing up to craft his music.

In this AC-less wooden room, throughout the thick of the summer, Cole surrounded himself with cassettes and LP’s, the likes of Lucinda Williams, Arthur Russell, Faust, Nirvana, and Jandek; writings of N. Scott Momaday, James Welsh, Hart Crane, Marianne Moore, and James Baldwin; and dreams of aliens, affection, spirits, and the distant natural world (as he imagined it from his window facing the Morgan L train).

The resulting music is as cavernous as it is enveloping, asking you to get lost in it’s tangles in an era that demands your attention be focused into 140 characters.

“Sometime” hit stores on October 11th with a second single to follow November 29, culminating in an early March EP release.
FORMA’s combustible mixture of lush synth explorations and frenetic rhythm has captivated the margins of the international synth scene since their acclaimed 2011 debut on John Elliott’s Spectrum Spools label. Following 2012’s dark and penetrating OFF/ON, the trio set a direct course toward the shadowy perimeter of the dance floor, with John Also Bennett replacing original member Sophie Lam. FORMA’s celebrated live performances -- extended improvisational journeys veering from the ecstatic to the foreboding -- draw techno, noise, and synth disciples into their realm.
PC Worship
"PC Worship kick it dense and heavy with a damaged crude DIY psych edge that often transcends into totally catchy melodic and repetitive jammers".
Vincent Cacchione DJ Set (Caged Animals/Soft Black)
My name is Vincent Cacchione, I was born and raised in Hawthorne, NJ. I got my first guitar in 1995, I was 12 years old. I had been begging my parents for a guitar for about 2 years, and I was getting denied left and right. I finally gave up hope and asked for a CD player for my birthday. I got home from school that day and poked around the house looking for the gift, it was nowhere to be found, I thought I had been dissed, my dad tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get in the car. He drove me to Victor’s House of Music in Ridgewood, NJ that day and bought me a black Fender Strat. It completely changed my life. I’ve been writing and recording music under lots of different guises since that day.

Caged Animals started after I got hit by a truck while driving my old car in Manhattan about a year ago. I was working a weed delivery job and spent my afternoons racing all around town getting single 30 somethings stoned. The car got badly bruised and instead of putting any work into fixing it, I got a new computer and started making as much mind-fucked pop music as I could. Prior to that I was working primarily on an old 8 track and a variety of 4 tracks, so having the computer really opened the possibilities of making a lot of work fast, which is exactly what I like to do. Caged Animals S/T came out of that period. Right now I’m working on the second record, which is going to be a lot different from the first. For the last 7 months I’ve been experimenting with cutting up funk breaks and using an 808 to build beats. My sound and style are always evolving, I’m psyched to continue exploring and document it all.

Probably the most esoteric thing I can mention is that I like to paint my toe nail. Just the big toe on my right foot. Nobody really knows that but you and me.

I like girls that look Eskimo and guys that look like conquistadors.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249