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Waze & Odyssey Interview

Waze & Odyssey make their way back to Elsewhere on 2/1 for a night with Walker & Royce. Ahead of the show, the duo took the time to answer a few of our questions.

You’ve been quoted in the past saying you don’t like to apply labels to dance music, is that still true? And if so how would you describe your current sound?

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture” is a quote that’s been attributed to everyone from Elvis Costello to Frank Zappa but it sums up our thoughts. You can get too drawn into “this is tech house, this is techno” – it’s tough to universally label someone’s perspective. If it’s good it’s good! I suppose in some ways it’s a barrier in people’s minds, when music shouldn’t really be contained.
Our current sound is a mix, two heads coming together to create moments along a 2 hour journey. We like to make people dance but we also like to make them feel.

You recently released your ‘Shape’ EP via Jamies Jones’s Hottrax label. Why did you decide to release with Hottrax and what are some things you take into consideration when deciding which label to release under?

We’ve known Jamie for years and sent him “Shape” and he replied straight away saying that he wanted to sign it which was great. We’re huge fans of the rough and rugged Hottrax sound. We often look at what we’re playing out to see where we sit in the label world. Good family vibes is what it’s about and people who do a good job. There’s a saturation of music at the minute so it’s really about working with the right people who get it and don’t just throw weekly releases out there. That feels like it’s a number game over there being real investment (of love) from their side

How do you effectively balance the demands of running your own label (W&O Street Trackz) with those of making and performing music? Does one ever infringe upon the other?

Add in the travel and most DJ’s are juggling a whole load of balls at once, so you just have to get regimented a little and be good with your time in order to make sure you’re doing all the things you need to. Nowadays, if we’re studio based then we’ll dedicate a few days to it and switch off from emails. You need to get away from any distractions to get real clarity in thought and focus and so that’s become something that’s happened more in the last few years

Do you ever make music with a particular audience in mind? Or is it more about sharing what you find cool with whoever may be in the crowd?

It’s often whatever comes out, a drum pattern, a vocal snippet, anything can send you in a different direction to where you might have ended up! We pride ourselves on being DJ’s too and feel we have a good amount of pedigree in that area. We’re diggers, it’s about not being too obvious, educating but entertaining – it’s not all about the drops and the big moments, if you can lock the dance floor in a groove then you can go anywhere

A question for each of you: why do you do what you do? What was the impetus behind becoming a DJ?

We both come from the ground up, that’s being involved in clubs and flyering for nights when we were much younger, to DJ-ing as residents to learning how to make music. It’s all been quite natural and largely has come from hanging out “on the scene” and loving club culture and being a part of it

Interview by Nicholas Demasi

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