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Waking Up with Wildhoney

When they formed in late 2011, Wildhoney set out to write pop songs with the energy and malcontent of hardcore punk, but without its entrenched masculinity — drawing influences from ‘60s girl groups, ‘80s post-punk, indie pop and shoegaze. The five-piece has since become one of the loudest — and sweetest — bands in its hometown of Baltimore. Their latest release, Your Face Sideways, was released via Topshelf Records in 2015.

Check them out live with Big Bliss, Hypoluxo, Fruit & Flowers on Sunday January 14th @ Zone One in Elsewhere!

Name a few acts coming out the Baltimore scene that you are particularly excited about.

Baklavaa, Joe Biden, Wume, Multicult, Joy Postell and Smoke Bellow

In the past, the band has talked about their affinity for pop music and their commitment to making music with a pop sensibility. Were there any pop records from 2017 that were particularly important or influential to the band?

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN and Music for the Age of Miracles by The Clientele were two of our favorites this year.

The band is in the process of working on their 2nd full-length. Is there a deliberate effort to make this upcoming LP sound a certain way? Is the music on this new album a reaction to what was created on Sleep Through It?

We’ve given a lot of care to the next LP – taking deliberate steps to evolve our songwriting techniques and to expand our sonic palette. While Sleep Through It was a milestone for us, we are aiming much higher this time around.

The Wildhoney Facebook page is unique in that it is littered with links to music from bands that are not Wildhoney. Where does the motivation to consistently support and publicize the art of others come from?

Sometimes when we are on tour we will stop at Waffle House and play songs on their jukebox. If we can get the entire staff dancing, we win. Posting good songs by other musicians on social media is just an extension of this attitude.

Interview by Shane Stroup

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