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Through the crates with John Tejada

Born in Austria to a musical family, John Tejada has been DJing and producing since his early teenage years. He moved to LA in 1982, where he began to learn how to play the drums, then DJing, and producing his own music. Throughout the early and mid- 1990s Tejada had a series of releases on European labels like A13, Multiplex, and Generations R&S, and by 1996, had founded his own label, Palette Recordings which just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary.

John Tejada has enjoyed a long and influential career both as a DJ and producer, playing a significant role in the global techno scene. This week, he’s shed some light on the tunes that influence him, before we welcome him for what is sure to be a fantastic set this Friday at The Paper Box with Akanbi, Olga, Vesna.

You recently played Movement in Detroit; what is one of your favourite recent Detroit techno tracks?

I recently played at TV Lounge at a Movement afterparty. “Phuture” by Mike Huckaby.

You had an interest in Hip-Hop from a young age. What is an example of an early Hip-Hop song that caught your ear?

The early 80s New York sound was everything for me. Early Arthur Baker/John Robie, Newcleus, Larry Smith and Marley Marl productions pretty much defined me as influences.

I’m Not A Gun, your project with Takeshi Nishimoto, explores a diverse range of genres that spans jazz to ambient. Do you have a go-to relaxing ambient record?

Not really but I do have a fondness for early 1991 Orb/KLF productions.

Kompakt has been releasing music for over 20 years and has amassed a vast catalogue of electronic music of various styles, so it may be hard, if not impossible to choose a single favourite. Is there a record or track in the Kompakt catalogue that you think is underrated (as in it should be played more frequently)?

Thomas Fehlmann “DFM”

Is there a song that makes you think of New York City?

Renegades of Funk by Afrika Bamabaataa & The Soulsonic Force

Interview by JJ Nozell

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