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The Tao of Roosevelt

As we anticipate a wild PopGun Presents x Governors Ball night featuring a live performance from Cologne’s Roosevelt, We’ve asked him to pick a few videos that influence him.
As you’ve prepared and perfected the Roosevelt live show, what is a concert that influenced you from past or present consistently?

I love the way every instrument is introduced throughout the show and that they start really stripped down and start building everything up. This song in particular has an amazing light design and an amazing musical arrangement.
As Summer arrives and touring begins to pick up, what’s a song that keeps you relaxed during those long layovers?

This is a favourite I keep coming back to. Summer vibes right there!

Your studio is back home in Germany, but if you could record on any extravagant instrument from around the world what would it be?

I saw some great examples recently of bands implementing a harp into their setup.. Which is not really an instrument that is around so much. Figuring out how to record things like this is always a lot of fun – I went through the same process when recording brass for my debut album. I’m also really fascinated by people nerding out over gongs.

The second remix compilation of material from your debut album just dropped this month. What’s a favorite track of yours from any of the remix artists involved and why?

I’m really glad that there are so many producers on these releases that i admire and that have been an inspiration to me. A highlight for me is definitely having Prins Thomas remixing ‘Colours’ – he has been a big influence for my production and was someone I always looked up to.

What’s a music video that makes you think of New York City when visiting?

This! I was a huge fan of the White Stripes when this song came out and walking around in New York always reminds me of this video.

Catch PopGun Presents x Governors Ball: Roosevelt with Ela Minus @ Brooklyn Bazaar Friday, June 2nd, 2017. GET TICKETS

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