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The Courtneys’ Ethos

Vancouver’s fuzz-pop trio The Courtneys draw inspiration from some of indie-rock’s most influential and highly regarded acts like Pavement and The Clean. Over the course of two full-lengths, The Courtneys have shown an ability to channel the shambolic ethos of their influences into their own brand of evocative pop songwriting.

The band will playing with Cloud Nothings at Warsaw on 12/1. Ahead of the show, the band took the time to answer a few of our questions.

Y’all are hitting the road with Cloud Nothings. How did that come about?

We met Cloud Nothings at Best Kept Secret last year in the Netherlands. When we found out Dylan loves Minions, we kinda sensed a tour together would be in our future. We sealed the deal last year at Halifax Pop Explosion cruising around in a limo listening to the Hamster Dance.

The band has spoken about the influence Flying Nun, the label you now call home, has had on your own music. If The Courtneys were invited to cover a song from a past label alum which song would you pick?

We do play a cover of Point That Thing Somewhere Else by The Clean, so I guess thats the one! Getting Older by the Clean would also be a fun one.

I read that “Country Song” is inspired by Big Star. What other groups/artists were essential in the creation of ‘The Courtneys II’?

It was. Teenage Fanclub was a big one too. Also Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pavement, The Soft Pack, The Ocean Party, and Sinead O’Connor were in heavy rotation at the time.

Any up-and-coming acts out of Vancouver that you can put us onto?

We really love Dumb, who have a new record out this year.

Anything coming up in the future we should know about? Perhaps a third full-length?!

We are lying low touring-wise for a bit after this, focusing on writing our third album.

Interview by Claire Gilb

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