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Spotlight: Younghusband’s Dissolver Out Friday

British shoegazers Younghusband release their second LP, Dissolver, on Friday 10/30. They’re still riding the well-deserved hype from 2013’s Dromes, produced by Nicolas Vernhes. Vernhes has notably worked with such bands as Deerhunter, Wild Nothing, and the War On Drugs. This influence was palpable on the first record, and remains here, though as NME notes on their exclusive album stream of the new album, it’s “refined on this tauter second offering.”

The impression Dromes left is obvious, considering the slew of talent that signed on to help with Dissolver. Robert Hampson of 80s alt-rock band Loops produced this time, and Bad Seeds multi-instrumentalist Warren Ellis performs on two tracks. For a first taste of Dissolver‘s sunny offerings, check out “Waverly Street”:



You’ll inevitably go to listen to the full stream now, how could you not? We liked the innovative growth on Vernhes’ influence on “Broken Girls,” which layers melodic, Real Estate-esque vocals over a more robotic riff, resulting in a sound that’s both interesting and immersive. “She Lies Awake” and “Blonde Blending” are also highlights.

Mandy Brownholtz

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