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Spotlight: Yoni Wolf (Why?)

Yoni Wolf is all over the place, both figuratively and literally.

Figuratively, his work is all over the musical map. He began performing during his years at art school, where he met and began to collaborate with Doseone. His partnership with the artist continued: the duo released the album “It’s Not Easy Being…” under the name Groupthink in 1998 (which was also when his label Anticon was founded, by him and several other musicians). They released another record in 1999, after which they added Odd Nosdam to the mix and became Clouddead. It wasn’t until 2003 that Yoni Wolf began releasing albums solo, under his own name, but he also began producing music with his own band, Why? He has been making music through these two mediums since. He has additionally produced tracks for other MCs and released albums as a member of other groups, like Reaching Quiet and Hymie’s Basement.

Literally, well, Yoni Wolf travels a lot as a musician. To chronicle these adventures, he began his podcast, The Wandering Wolf. Through this he accumulates his “ongoing collection of field recordings from the road, unscripted internal monologues, self-reflective moments, and in-depth conversations with musicians, artists, comedians, and interesting people of all kinds.” These podcasts stand as a testament to Wolf’s unique place in American musical culture as a modern traveling bard of sorts.


Our May 10 show will act as a culmination of these efforts. Sponsored by The Wandering Wolf, this will be a “straight-up rap” show featuring tracks from throughout Wolf’s prolific career: early to new Why?, Clouddead, Reaching Quiet, guest spots on songs by Alias and Themselves, remixes by Boards of Canada, Dntel, and more. It’s rare that you get to see an artist as genre-bending as Yoni Wolf explore his many facets live, so don’t miss this one.

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