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Spotlight: Rone’s “Sing Song” Video Premiere

We recently confirmed the wondrously talented French producer Rone to appear in Brooklyn this May to celebrate the release of his new album Creatures (InFiné), and it dawned on me that this will be the third party we’ve thrown with him, each one growing in size and energy.

So let’s talk Rone. Rone is the project of a young Parisian named Erwan Castex who first began fiddling with knobs between shoots as a filmmaker in university, producing and posting tracks online assiduously between each assistant director or set design gig. Then there’s a blur of activity: a record deal, a debut 2008 EP, the critically-acclaimed 2009 LP Spanish Breakfast, followed by 2012’s Tohu-Bohu, nods from artists like Ellen Allien, Mathew Jonson, Scratch Massive.

After spending eight years fearlessly traversing the murky waters between everything from experimental techno to melodic ambient, the new video for “Sing Song” premiered on the Creators Project’s blog earlier this week, revealing a fascinating sneak peak into the sound that Castex has been crafting since Tohu-Bohu.

Directed by Paulynka Hricovini and based on illustrations by Liliwood, the most immediately striking and exciting element about the lead video to me is the readily apparent influence that film has played on Rone’s approach to music: the dark but expansive track seems to tell a wordless narrative on its own, augmented by the thoughtful interplay between sound and vision here; a innocent-looking universe seemingly pulling at least some influence from The Little Prince.

Looking forward to hearing the album on the dance floor in May!

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