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Spotlight: Moon Diagrams (Moses Archuleta of Deerhunter)

Indie-rock band Deerhunter put out their seventh studio album, Fading Frontier, this past October. Celebrated for their creative energy and experimental craft from album to album, they have become a huge name in today’s indie scene.

However, when the members of the band are not in the studio or on stage with each other, they invest their talents in their own individual projects. Bradford Cox: Atlas Sound. Lockett Pundt: Lotus Plaza. And as of this year, drummer Moses Archuleta has begun to record his own solo material under the moniker Moon Diagrams. His Care Package EP explores a more spacey sound palette, eliminating the punk from Deerhunter’s acclaimed “ambient-punk” noise. The songs are mild, but not stagnant. Archuleta’s use of steady percussion and poignant synth makes for a gentle and meaningful listen as heard on the track, “Scratch The Snow:”



Moses is going to be taking over the Deerhunter Afterparty at the Elvis Guesthouse as DJ on 12/8 after the band’s sold out show at Irving Plaza.

Nate Poblete

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