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Spotlight: Kwam MC releases ‘I Don’t Know’ EP

Londoner Kwam MC strikes again on his latest grime offering, I Don’t Know EP. His crisp production pieces together off-kilter beats stuttering at a breakneck pace, synthy sweeps, and drum and bass electro rumble, most notably on opening track “Just Another.” Kwam describes the EP as “a celebration of the helplessness of the human being in solo form” through “hope, despair, defeatism, and hubris.” Though the EP begins with immediacy with “Freak Out,” the latter half moves away from the freneticism of grime beats, towards more even rhythms and melodic bass and synth lines. By the last track, “Let It Sink In,” Kwam takes on the soothing voice of a grime therapist directing a relaxation technique, stretching out his rhymes like saltwater taffy.



Throughout I Don’t Know, Kwam slides in and out of rapping and conversing with the listener. There’s something comforting in hearing him speak directly to the listener at the end of the EP to say, “Remember, It’s not a bad thing to say you don’t know. It’s ok to say you don’t know.” While I Don’t Know may not be particularly uplifting, it still inspires thanks to Kwam’s honesty and compassion in treating the confusing state of the human psyche.

-Sydne Wheeler Larsen

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