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Spotlight: Hood Joplin, #75FFA1

When one thinks of cities with groundbreaking club scenes, Edmonton, Alberta might not spring to mind. However, Edmo’s nightlife, though it may be smaller in scope than New York or London, is home to an extremely innovative sound, due in large part to local DJ and producer, Hood Joplin. Her live mixes veer from fast-paced club rhythms to large hip hop reworks effortlessly, as do her own tracks – she makes 160 bpm footwork, heavy chopped-and-screwed tunes, and everything in between. Speaking to PopGun over DM, Hood Joplin explained the circumstances that led to the creation of her debut EP, #75FFA1, released on Drama Hands: “I begin each project with an intent and fresh eyes, and ideally a plan; due to a series of less-than-ideal events, my original strategy for #75FFA1 fell through. It was winter in the arctic, and I was surrounded by a massive blanket of snow in my minuscule orphanage-turned-apartment nestled next to the North Saskatchewan River… it was cold, I was sad. I began creating at a rate I never experienced.”



On #75FFA1, Hood Joplin demonstrates the true scope of her range, as well as her immense creativity and skill. The title track opens with glistening chimes and a warm, pulsating bassline. But the dark, echoing melody shifts gears swiftly and dexterously, like one of those cars from Tron riding into the night at 100 mph, smoothly moving the rhythm back to the dance floor. #75FFA1 is the color code corresponding to a bright acid green, and it’s fitting for the song’s vibe – a little spooky, a little sweet, everything glowing. Hood Joplin explained each distinct movement: “the title track kind of recreates the mental pressure I had at the time. The build up was my lowest point, which finally leads into the chimes, my release/comprehension of the situation. Around 1:20 I start to feel dizzy, but it eventually evens out. The last phrase brings everything together as I can end my reflection stage and begin healing.”

– Nina Posner

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