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Spotlight: El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven, an L.A. instrumental duo named after an L-1011 airplane, have been soaring in the friendly skies of post-rockdom since 2002, and have never failed to fly to new heights with each album. Newest single “Point Breeze” off of upcoming LP no. 6, Fast Forward, maintains a distinct El Ten Eleven sound with a digitized-sounding guitar shudder, popcorn electronic drumbeats, a synthy bass saunter.



You’re probably wondering how the El Ten Eleven alchemy translates to a live show with only two humans wielding so many instruments – and no pre-recorded backtracks. Kristian Dunn manages the polycephalic Cerberus of a 10-string: the double-necked bass/guitar, along with an array of looping and effects pedals. Meanwhile, Tim Fogerty grips the sticks with a mix of electronic and acoustic drums. There are no vocals, an artistic move that allows the intricate mathrock rhythms to stand on their own.

Other than the name and release date of the upcoming album (Fast Forward due August 21st), we have no further juicy tidbits of musical knowledge to share, other than the fact that El Ten Eleven will submerge with Popgun Presents at (le) Poisson Rouge on September 23rd. But don’t expect an encore. The pair has a strict “no encore” policy, because they play ‘till their done, much like the legendary Damon Albarn who actually has to be carried off stage. Can’t stop won’t stop. That’ll be El Ten Eleven on September 23.

Sydne Wheeler Larsen

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