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Spotlight: Aldous Harding

Self-described “gothic folk” songwriter Aldous Harding is set to release her second full-length record and her first on 4AD, entitled Party, this Friday, May 19. A follow-up to her first eponymous record, its first two singles indicate that Harding has held on to the understated appeal of her previous work.

4AD’s roster is a testament to their diverse tastes, with artists ranging from Future Islands to SUNN-O))) represented; there is not specific “way” that 4AD artists are “supposed” to sound. Harding has found her niche here, and upon listening to the new tracks it quickly becomes clear what she means by “gothic folk.” Her vocals are deep and brooding, idiosyncratic but reminiscent of other female songwriters on the darker, heavier end of the spectrum, like Zola Jesus or Chelsea Wolfe. And yet her music retains a gentler, lighter charm – the “folk” no doubt – as she layers these heavy vocals over sparse, slow piano and acoustic guitar chords, resulting in a beautifully melancholic and audibly interesting sound. Check out the videos for both “Horizons” and “Imagining By Man” below before the record drops on Friday!



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