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Artist Features

Spotlight: AJ Davila y Terror Amor

The Davila name harkens back to the beginning of the current garage rock revival – the days when Jay Reatard ran rampant, Smith Westerns were still together to perform their shimmery scuzz rock, and Davila 666 got their crowds to dance.

San Juan’s Davila 666 was known for their combination of jangly garage pop, and late 60’s inspired psych. There was a sort of friendly chaos to their music, something that has translated well to frontman AJ Davila’s new project.



AJ Davila y Terror Amor is also based out of Puerto Rico, where Davila has made his name known booking local garage bands for the El Independiente concert series. It was at El Independiente that AJ Davila y Terror Amor made their debut, with a live show that is anything but ordinary, beginning with the fact that the group is comprised of seven members. In an interview with Remezcla, Davila stated that, “We are going to cook hot dogs, hamburgers and baby guts onstage. We are going to do some…some polka dances to spice it up. And maybe we will bring our pink unicorn, Federico, onstage to break dance. It’s going to be fun…lots of energy, gang vocals, dance, dance. We want you to shake your ass.”

The band is signed to both Nacional Records, and Burger Records, who released the group’s LP entitled Beibi in late 2014. AJ Davila y Terror Amor will bring a fresh vibe to an already burgeoned Brooklyn garage scene on September 3.

– Dani Narins

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