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Space with Montreal’s MUNYA

Trained as a classical pianist and opera singer, MUNYA utilizes her formal upbringing to craft sweet, swirling French and English language pop tracks. With hints of psychedelia and synth pop, her ethereal productions serve to highlight her floating vocal performances reminiscent of Laetitia Sadier’s finest moments with Stereolab.
The Montreal-based MUNYA headlines Zone One at Elsewhere on 1/16 with Hideout and Pueblo.

On your first EP, all of your lyrics were in french. On ‘Delmano EP’ two of the three songs were in english. What goes into your decision as to what language you write your lyrics in?

It depends on the vibe of the song and if I feel I can express what I want in the given language. I always write the music first and then the lyrics come after, the whole process is very organic.  As I was writing the melody for Hotel Delmano the words came to me in French and the opposite was true for Some More and If I’m Gone Tomorrow. Definitely no science just more of a feeling and what comes out of my heart.

Is the MUNYA project a conscious decision to move away from your past as a classical pianist and opera singer, or do you make an attempt to incorporate that more formal musical training into your current musical output as MUNYA.

I think that the different paths I took as a musician have guided me here to this project, everything is related, It’s like being a sponge. Even if I would decide to move away from my past as a classical pianist and opera singer, I can’t. It’s just part of who I am as an artist and I think MUNYA has influences from my entire musical past and present that I am proud to represent now.

What went into the decision to have a trilogy of EPs as your first set of releases, as opposed to one debut full-length?

Honestly, I had been making music for a while….my best friend got really mad at me for not just getting it out there…I was always worried about doing things the “right way”…You always hear you have to do things x y and z, I let all that go and just focused on making music I hoped would connect with people and bring a smile to their face or a calm to their soul…

You’ve named each of your first three EPs after a specific location that holds some form of significance in your life. Is there any city or location that you’ve traveled to as part of touring that you’re particularly fond of? Is there a place you’re particularly keen on touring through but haven’t yet?

This first tour I just completed has been amazing and I can honestly say that all of those cities inspire me, but if i had to choose it would bePortland, Oregon. Portland is such an inspiring place for me, with all the trees and the natural beauty. I also had a special guest (Uncle Stuart) at my Portland show that made that show extra special.

Yes. Space. I’d like to tour in Space! Elon, can you help me, please?

The final installment in your trilogy of EPs is arriving early this year. Looking past that, what’s next for the MUNYA project?

I hope space? And of course, just keep creating, touring and more music….I want to keep learning and bringing smiles to peoples faces.

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