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Sophia Saze is a musician and a multi-media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her imaginative journey began in her hometown Tbilisi, Georgia. She’s also the founder of duskandhaze. Involved with classical music and dance during childhood, she ultimately found herself immersed in electronic music. She’s built her profile as a techno DJ, having performed in major venues across N & S America. She’s currently focused on releasing, touring, & a live act to complement her upcoming debut album set for 2018.

This week we sat down with Sophia ahead of her night tomorrow at Jupiter Disco with Kyle & Griff!

How has your role in running your label Dusk & Haze informed your creative process as an artist, or vice versa?

The collaborative aspect of d&h and working with a wide array of artists has allowed me to tap into new mediums for my personal work.

You’ve been vocal about the idea of blending genres of music being important to you. Why do feel it’s important for you, and maybe artists in general, to work outside of those lines or bring in elements of other styles?

Regurgitating old is boring. Pioneering new is exciting. Anyone can learn to copy, innovating is the real challenge. Fresh work keeps me feeling alive, doing what everyone else has already done feels like death to me. There’s way too much available today to do anything subpar, there’s never been a wilder time for artists to express themselves. Look at what’s happening in the world, how can you create average linear output from that?

How would you describe your own music taste and creative influences?

Randomized and totally non-linear. In a given day, I listen to the widest range of music. I don’t necessarily like all of it, but it’s impossible for me to dismiss the entirety of any song. There’s always something about it worth hearing. Everything around me is a creative influence, from personal experiences to simplicity like seeing the milk trickle down the ice in my coffee cup every morning.

As a self-described multimedia artist, what draws you to DJing/performing specifically?

The dj format and a good portion of electronic “live” acts are limited in my understanding of “performance”. That term carries a different meaning to me, after dancing for a decade and playing piano before that. I appreciate all formats above, but they definitely do not draw me with equal intensity. Being a dj is about presenting your arsenal of other people’s music you like and fitting it into the right time over the course of a night to match what the crowd is feeling. The golden hour is when those 2 things come together.

What are your favorite things about the DJ/dance community in NYC?

My favorite city in the whole world. A staple of dance music historically, I think it’s finally starting to boil back up again. My favorite thing is the eclectic mix of people, styles, and spaces. I can listen to every style of dance music at equally solid events almost every weekend.

Interview by Morgan Lawrence

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