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Slow Magic’s Fast World

Slow Magic creates electronic tracks that are self-described as “music made by your imaginary friend.” The consistently masked creator of electronic music, Slow Magic began releasing otherworldly and soothing music in 2012, the same year the album Triangle was released on the LebensStrasse label. His third album, Float, was released in October via Downtown/Interscope and he’s now crisscrossing the globe in support of it. We sat down and asked him a few questions ahead of his night @ Elsewhere with Omniboi and Qrion!

You have a number of collaborators contributing to the record, such as Kate Boy and Peter Silberman. What did you look for in collaborators to bring to your work?

I was lucky enough to work with a lot of vocalists whose work I was already a fan of. I wanted the album to feel complete as one song start to finish, and I feel all of the vocals play an important part in that. They are all unique in their own way but fit together sonically.

You feature a lot of different musical and visual elements in your live sets. What kind of atmosphere do you strive to create at your live shows?

I always want my show to be something everyone in the room feels connected to. One of my very first shows, I played the whole set with a drum in the middle of the crowd. I wanted to keep that feeling alive while making a better stage and production. I stand as close as I can to the crowd still because I don’t want a disconnect.

You’ve mentioned that a trip to Iceland was largely inspirational to this record. Can you elaborate on how travel was influential in your creative process?

The idea for ‘Float’ was first started while on a trip to Iceland. I wanted to get away, so Dream Angel and I drove a car all around the island. We ended up staying in the northern part in a city called Akureyri which was very peaceful. I think travel is a huge part of my creative process because the same sound, song, music note can sound completely different depending on the setting.

What do you think is the most exciting thing about electronic music right now?

I think the most exciting thing about electronic music now is that the instruments and tools are not defined. I love playing drums, but they are very primal and established. With producing or playing Midi controllers, the technology and instruments are always evolving and changing and that is exciting.

What is your favorite part of playing shows/for crowds in New York in particular?

I love playing in New York because it can feel like another home to me. There are people who may have gone to every show I’ve played here. It is like playing for my family. <3

Interview by Morgan Lawrence

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