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Ready for Action with Showtime Goma and Nancy Feast

Showtime Goma is the solo rock project of Jen Goma, member of A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Her debut album, Smiley Face, was released in June 2017. Pitchfork described the record as “unconventional indie pop that’s brimming with potential.” Her project highlights her standout vocals and witty lyricism, co-written with Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier, and channeling the likes of Chairlift and Japanese Breakfast with her infectious and charming synth-pop.

Catch her and Nancy Feast at The Bell House this Friday, 9/8 with Of Montreal!

You’re based out of Brooklyn. What is one song that always reminds you of home when you’re on the road?

We listen to this song a lot on tour, which is actually a place where we feel really at home. But, I think this song reminds us of home home, being young and listening to music with our parents.

What’s a favorite classic summer jam?

We’ve been out dancing a lot this summer and when both of these songs came on and we stopped and said “ohhhh yeah.” And I feel like that’s kind of key to a summer jam, it’s kind of best when you don’t put it on. When it’s just on and it feels just right.

What’s one music video you always find yourselves coming back to?

Oh my gosh we actually saw this video in a movie theatre during a short film fest we went to together. And we were BLOWN AWAY. So much fun to watch, such a good song, we just had a blast the first time we saw this and we’ve watched it a lot since then

What’s a favorite song from Of Montreal, who you’re going on tour with in the next few months?

Yea we can’t wait to hear these songs live. We’re actually in the car driving to our first show of our tour with them. We’re PUMPED!

What’s a favorite song to hit the highway with?

Oh man, it doesn’t matter the mood in the car, it could be the 6th hour in a 9 hour drive and this song will always make us smile. We really love D.R.A.M.’s music.

What’s one song that inspired you while making your newest album, Smiley Face?

Oh man, that’s a hard one. I have no idea what one song inspired me! But i do remember listening to this a lot. I love the production on it. It’s just a real nice song, have a listen!

Interview by Kathryn Fittinghoff

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