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PREMIERE: Stuyedeyed, Funeral EP

Warning! Brooklyn-based psychedelic punk band Stuyedeyed has emerged from a coffin located somewhere in Bed-Stuy to grace the world with their debut EP, Funeral, which drops today via King Pizza and Greedy Dilettante Records. Each of the fuzzy, lo-fi tracks on this wicked record is an unapologetic anthem in itself; thundering guitar riffs and sinister vocals contribute to the group’s deafening defiance of unsettling realities that permeate modern day society. While listening to this joint, don’t be afraid to scowl in the face of corruption. Get riled up, howl along with the jams as they spin! Stuyedeyed grants you full permission.



Now, when casting a spell on an enemy, it is imperative that the act be carried out properly. Do not fear: on Funeral, the four-piece band teaches the listener how to place the perfect hex. Here’s how: the mood of the EP is haunting, yet frenetic. The frenzied back and forth between slow, eerie chord progressions and feverish, unrestricted rhythms creates an impeccable flow that is bound to conjure up ominous, ghoulish entities. See? Nothing to worry about. Both the muffled sounds of maniacal laughter and the surreal abstractions of reality that appear within the album’s extensive confines are only a couple of the ingredients needed to cast an unparalleled, evil spell.




Funeral showcases the band’s remarkable knack for shredding in the exact way that a debut EP should. With influences like Ty Segall and Led Zeppelin, which are ever present on the record, how could they go wrong? The group has successfully compiled a work of art that makes the repercussions of severe headbanging seem utterly irrelevant. They celebrate the release of the EP tonight at Sunnyvale, and according to their Facebook page, “The Stuyedeyed live performance is an aggressive, yet welcome, slap in the face, waking you up from the hamster wheel of the mundane. If only for a moment, you will feel alive.”

– Matt Gallipoli

We are currently unable to retrieve any events. Please check again soon.

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