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New Video: Psymon Spine, “Yoana”

Funky Brooklyn-based psych outfit Psymon Spine is back with a brand new jam “Yoana.” The track is fresh off the group’s upcoming record, You Are Coming To My Birthday, which drops June 9th via Axis Mundi Records. Embarking on an artful adventure into realms unknown, Psymon Spine brings experimentation with genre to the next level — their latest track enables the listener to dance until exhaustion while still pondering the most profound musings of the soul. Evoked within each layer of sound and rhythm on the new single is an eclectic range of emotion. This spectacle, along with the vivid visuals that come to mind while the track spins, is flawlessly brought to life in the video for “Yoana.” A narrative both distorted and dreamy unfolds as minute bleeds into minute — this makes it all too easy to get lost in the hallucinatory world of Psymon Spine’s latest creation. Check the video out and be sure to catch the group at Brooklyn Bazaar this Saturday.

– Matt Gallipoli

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